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Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Ferach Line Dragoons ride down the Dogs of Ostaria!

The Grand Charge!
We often take photographs for our website or blog or even our books, heck even just for us, but we don't show a lot of these images to wargamers. I wanted to show off a little something that we did a few weeks ago. For Flintloque a cavalry charge with three ten figure sections of 51533 Ferach Line Dragoons riding down a bedraggled (or should that be 'beagledraggled'!?) but equally sized Ostarian force of Dogmen. This was from an idea for a large scenario which would see if cavalry could triumph over infantry in a wooded and hilly setting. While the scenario is little more than a framework at the moment I took the chance to get some pictures of the climatic charge! 

View from the left two units of Dragoons charge home!
Dragoons on Foot advanced among Dogmen dead down the centre
Sounding the charge Dragoons sweep in from the right of the hill!
Each of the pictures has a caption to tell you what is happening. It was an excellent set up and great fun to take part in. A game of Flintloque this size would be even finer I think but it would be epic with seven sections in play at the same time. The Monich Beir Wars grand scenario has more but few do. 

Since we released the 51533 Ferach Line Dragoons we have been working on further sub-releases for them including a list of modular parts and specialised horses too. Added to this we have had requests for a foot or dismounted set of Line Dragoons and while this does not yet exist as a code we had put together a similar set for a regular customer. These miniatures on foot are all from the 5005 Lady Wintermores Fangs set and were actually the basis for the designs for the new cavalry. If you would like your own unit of ten or twelve done this way then contact us by email for a quote. 

Thanks for Reading. 



  1. Splendid! These dragons already have a fine pedigree. ..

    1. Ha! Excellent. Puns are what Flintloque is all about, the worse the better. Well done. GBS

  2. Gosh. Now I'm a Ferach fan, but I have to side with the poor doggies on this one!

    1. Never Chris! The Emperor must conquer the world of Valon! :-)