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Monday, 24 November 2014

Muskox for Trolkin coming soon in Resin

Alternative Armies is continuing the path towards the creation of a whole resin range of Trolka.  A step on this path is to touch briefly upon the Trolkin in one area and that is their riding animal the Muskox.  The decision has been taken to change the production method for the Muskox and from there create all of the molds and such required to allow them to be made in high grade grey tone resin.  You can see the results in this post here.  Rob Alderman's animal is exactly the same aside from the horns remaining metal and minor changes to the feeds.  So existing and future codes will fit upon it just as they have done with the Pummlig Riding Pig used by the Dwarf Uhlan cavalry.

That is not all however as very soon we are going to be releasing a Trolkin Artillery crew which has with it the also brand new resin Limber Muskox.  You can see the limber muskox here and there will be two of them in the artillery crew.  Converted from the riding muskox the limber beast is an excellent model.

All of this means that upon the release of the Trolkin Artillery Crew its price will be lower with the inclusion of resin animals and also that 57033 Colonel Skande Stoyne who rides upon a muskox will also be reduced in price on the same day.  Excellent!

We do not intend to do any more for Trolkin in terms of resin as only their mounts and beasts are to be included in our plan.  When their cavalry arrive on the field they will have resin mounts.  Our work on the Trolka continues and news will be coming of our progress when the time is right.

Remember you can download a full army booklet with a load of material in it for the Troll Races of Valon.  18Mb in size this PDF has the whole army for Trolka and for Trolkin, Flintloque stats, Slaughterloo profiles, fiction and a lot more.  Its on our dropbox public page and you can download it straight to your computer or device right now by clicking HERE.

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