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Monday 23 March 2015

52521 Von Rotte Light Troops released!

Here it is the last Von Rotte new miniature code! This is fantastic and we want to thank everyone who has supported us during the development and release of these codes for Flintloque since December 2014. Adding to the Line Infantry, Artillery Crew, Command Set, Hussars, Cuirassiers, Casualties we have Light Infantry; the skirmishers of your Legion. This is our last release before the Spring Convention Season offers begin and I can confirm that we will soon be releasing the whole Von Rotte Legion DAP (Divisional Army Pack) for Slaughterloo players. Superb! 

52521 Von Rotte Light Troops  22.00GBP 
This is a set of twelve 28mm white metal Dwarf miniatures giving you the skirmisher light troops which range out ahead of your line units and the rest of the army on the battlefield. Meant for use with the Von Rotte Legion but they could be at home with any Krautian or Finklestein force. Adding to an existing four poses of Light Infantry Trooper armed with Dwarf Musket MkII there are four command poses. The command poses are an officer with pistol and sword wearing a periwinkle wig, a musician with pistol and drum slung on his back, a sergeant brandishing a knife with his musket slung and finally a standard bearer with a 'brewery' pole and musket on his shoulder. Three of the troopers wear the mitre and the forth is bare headed. A total of eight poses in a unit pack of twelve suitable for Slaughterloo or a Flintloque section and also a choice of a single trooper poses to boost your collection. As with all our Valon miniatures we offer the additional choice of purchase pro-painted and based by our team of ladies here in Scotland. Go HERE

If you want to look back at all of the postings about the Von Rotte up to this point then you can do so easily here on the blog. Look to the right column and the 'Labels' section. Seek out the 'Von Rotte Dwarves' label and click on it. This will bring up all of the posts. 

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