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Monday, 30 March 2015

Free Worldwide Shipping and Goody Bags until 1st May 2015

From today until the 1st of May 2015 Alternative Armies is having its spring offers period. We are not attending any conventions in person this spring but this does not mean we are not making our annual offers from now and during the whole of April to our worldwide customer base as they have come to expect from us. We will be having new releases and more during this period but the offers here apply to each and every one of them all the same.  These can all be found on our Deals and Offers Page.

So while you will not see us at Salute 2015 in London this April here is what we are offering you: 

Free Worldwide Shipping on all Orders over 10.00GBP Value! 
If you live in the UK or Europe, the USA or anywhere else on this blue marble we call home we are giving you free shipping worldwide on all orders over 10.00GBP in product value. This has been applied to our website so all you need to do is to add items to your cart as normal moving then through to the shipping page where the offer is located. We use airmail and courier services as required and you may still choose to add a 'signed for element' to your order. Orders of less than 10.00GBP will attract our normal flat 5.00GBP shipping charge worldwide. We have placed this minimum on free shipping due to a very small percentage of customers previously who thought it correct to place extremely small orders for delivery. We do have to make a living and we think that is fair. 

Free “Goody Bag” in all Orders worth 10% of your Order! 
When you place an order of any size or value with us until 1st May we will automatically place a Goody Bag into your package to the value of approx 10% of the order. The items in this free bag will be related to what you have purchased but will be our choice. So if you order Flintloque Orcs you will get other Flintloque Orcs and an order for High Fantasy Dwarves will gain you other High Fantasy Dwarves or a Monster. A lovely surprise for you and great for your collections. And yes if you do order two Slaughterloo Divisions we will, with 10% of the order value, add in an entire Slaughterloo unit for free as you earned it! 

These two offers run over the top of all our coming releases for the next month. 

Here are the things we will be releasing from this week until a week or more before the 1st May so that you can plan out your order(s) with Alternative Armies. These are NOT in an exact release by release schedule but all are within this time frame and grouped by release planning. Look for news on each of these across the month and remember the offers apply to all of them. 

54050 Valon Civilians (5 Character Miniatures) 

52603 Von Rotte Legion DAP (Whole Slaughterloo Division Save 18%) 

58007A Big Burrovian Casualties (4 Dead Rabbitmen) 
58007B Little Burrovian Casualties (4 Dead Rabbitmen) 

Slaughterloo Division Offer – 51602 Dark Elves of Catalucia DAP 
Slaughterloo Divisional Offer – 52601 Krautian Dwarf Division DAP 
Slaughterloo Divisional Offer – 54600 Albion Orc Division DAP 
Slaughterloo Divisional Offer - 59600 Hunvarian Legion Division DAP 

DH04 High Dwarfs (5 Dwarves) 
DH06 Dwarf Missile Troops (5 Dwarves) 
DH07 Dwarf Cavern Fighters (5 Dwarves) 
DH08 Dwarf Shield Wall (5 Dwarves) 
DH11 Dwarf Command (5 Dwarves) 
DHM01 Dwarf Multitude (40 Dwarves, 4 Gnomes, 4 Halflings, 1 Fnorr. DH1-11 save 10%) 

Its the spring, its convention season and the ice is disappearing so delve into Flintloque, Slaughterloo, High Fantasy and more with us and get free shipping and a goody bag too on every order. 

Lastly as you might know we also have two other wargaming websites that we are known for and each of these is having its own similar offers until 1st May beginning from 31st March into 2nd April 2015. Here are the links to the blogs for and The Ion Age. Have a look if you are keen on 15mm and on Science Fiction and Fantasy.

We kick off later this week with Christian Cello's 28mm civilians set for Flintloque....54050.

Thanks for Reading. 


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