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Thursday 3 December 2015

Free Todoroni Officer and half price Todoroni Hussars this month!

Alternative Armies has just announced that the 28mm scale Baby Hippo cavalry mounts used by the Todoroni of Nepolise (the comedy guys of Valon) are now being produced in spun cast resin rather than in white metal.  The model remains the same pose and the riders all remain in white metal. During this month and until the start of next month we are making some offers to celebrate this. They are as follows.  Enjoy and thanks for the kind words about this little change to our Flintloque world. Go HERE or read on.

Free in Every Order during December 2015
(One pack placed into every order that contains a Flintloque or Slaughterloo code)

56111 Todoroni Mounted Officer
Lucca the Newt.  A famous Nepolise Commander. 1 Mounted Todoroni Officer. This pack contains one mounted Todoroni officer. Riding hippo with saddle and holstered carbine and the rider 'Luca the Newt' in gilt uniform.  Lucca is white metal and the hippo is resin. Lucca is a senior Nepolise officer who has served in the Witchlands and before that in Nepolise with the Ferach in opposition to Albion naval forces and landing parties. This is where he lost an eye and gained not only his eye patch but connections with the ruthless Tapioca crime families.  Go HERE.

Half Price during December 
(Every variant of this code is 50% off this month)

56528 Todoroni Hussars
The Cacciatore Natterjacki Di Molto Splendido are super heavy 'light cavalry' riding baby hippos. Classed as Light Cavalry armed with curved swords. Please note these miniatures are really impressive and totally mad with character sculpted by Steve Young! Each is twice the size of an Elf Cavalry miniature.  Now with resin hippos and white metal riders and a reduction in price.  Choose from a single miniature, five miniature or ten miniatures.  Go HERE.

Reduced during December
(A whole Division with an extra 10% and get your gunners the same)

56603 Todoroni of Nepolise Division (DAP)
A Todoroni Division ready to serve the Ferach Emperor Mordred. Players of Slaughterloo or those wishing to make a saving to get a big collection in one go will find excellence here. Save Approx 24% off list prices on this Division! An Entire Slaughterloo Division in a box: 2 Unit of 24 Todoroni Militia Infantry includes Officer, Singer, Standard Bearer (56505-U) (48), 1 Unit of 12 Todoroni Light Infantry (56538), 1 Unit of 10 Mounted Toad Hussars includes Officer, Singer, Std Bearer (56528-U) on Resin Hippos., 2 Units of 6 Todoroni Artillery Crew includes 4 Limber Hippos (56529), 2 Ferach Cannons includes Limbers (59502), 1 Mounted Toad General on Resin Hippo (56111). 68 Infantry Bases 13 Cavalry Bases.  Go HERE.

56529 Todoroni Artillery
Just a bit better than Dwarf Landwehr Gunners these Toads win no awards but their help is most welcome on the battlefield the superbly dressed Nepolise bring the heavy iron.  These Todoroni are classed as Gun Crew.  28mm white metal miniatures code:  Eight Miniatures - (Officer and Five different Gunners, Limber Hippo 1, Limber Hippo 1).  Go HERE.

The Rest of December

We have a first look article (for January 2016) and a release (see above) to come this month and these will be on the 7th and 8th December which will be our last product releases for 2015.  We will have information posts and such after this but if you are planning an order then on the 8th you will see all we have until next year.

Merry Cryptmass!


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