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Tuesday 26 January 2016

Free Insert for LE046 King Bonio for Flintloque and Slaughterloo

During the Ferach Revolution an act of supreme royal arrogance and stupidity led to the ruination of the small kindgom of Pudigrochumsberg. Despite the pleading of his arch chancellor Mutternicht not to act the Emperor of Ostaria made a choice to send his massive white coated army into battle against a hopelessly outnumbered foe. Klaffenhund the emperor of Ostaria had no reason to commit this act of near genocide but his word was law to the Dogmen of the empire. Why invade? No one knows for sure but some think he was annoyed at the light brown colouration of Pudigrochumsburg on the maps of the throne room and screamed for it to be made burned and black next to the white of Ostaria. Perhaps he meant the map only but his army of hundreds of thousands marched into the little kingdom where only a king and his army of thousands awaited them. 

King Bonio was a good king. Kind and on the whole a good dog to his subjects. His kingdom pretty and well fed with its kennels well stocked. Known as Licksmeister of Meaten and Baaksgraf of Kennolia he had always been a hunter and skilled marksman. Leading from the front he commanded the Pudigroan Army in the field. At the towns of Mastiff and Nobath they turned back the larger but badly led Ostarian Empire but it was hopeless. Endless numbers of white coated Dogmen marched into Pudigrochumsberg. So an evacuation was ordered and an exodus undertaken while the army fought one rear guard action after another. 

An arrangement with the Emperor Mordred newly made ruler of the Ferach Empire ensured the fleeing people had a place to go and as King Bonio, wounded and bleeding, rode his horse out of his homeland towards the waiting battalions of Armorican Elves he looked over his shoulder at a burning and blackened land. Klaffenhund would be made to pay…someday. 

As promised earlier in this new it the end of January already? The free insert for LE046 King Bonio of Pudigrochumberg the leader of the Pudigroan people and head of the new army too. Containing background, uniform details, ideas, rules for Flintloque and rules for Slaughterloo it is a useful little article given to you in one page. To download it from our dropbox just click on the link HERE or visit the Pudigroan page on our website HERE. The link is also on the page for LE046 too. 

I would like to thank all of the fans of the World of Valon for their support of this new miniature code. Its been very popular alongside the core Pudigroan Line Infantry. If there is an insert for a character you would like to see for Flintloque do send me an email or comment here. 

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