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Friday 5 February 2016

Fighting Fungi by Ganesha Games releases at Alternative Armies

Back in September we announced our arrangement with Ganesha Games to fulfil backers orders on their 'Song of Blades Hammer and Forge' Kickstarter. You can read about that on our blog. As well as this project we are now geared up for direct and trade sales of the Fighting Fungi range of 28mm scale white metal miniatures. The first wave of releases from the range are now online on Ganesha Games new page on the Alternative Armies website. The miniatures are manufactured right here in Scotland and shipped worldwide so no worries about stock or availability. Go HERE

It is our intention to release the Fighting Fungi range in three waves with the first now out which contains Fungi, Enoki, Spores, Nymphs and Oaken for a total of sixteen different miniatures. All the miniatures are online as singles and there is a value pack too containing one of each in this wave. We offer 15% off the value pack and until we release the next wave all the singles are 10% off too! Go HERE.

Below is a list of the codes released and if you wish to visit the Ganesha Games website for resources you can do that HERE

FIFU000 Amazon 
FIFU001 Axeman 
FIFU002 Spore Slinger 
FIFU003 Spore Spear 
FIFU004 Martial Artist 
FIFU005 Oaken Spear 
FIFU006 Drummer 
FIFU011 Zombie Fungus 
FIFU013 Fungus Monk 
FIFU015 Sporeling 
FIFU018 Enoki Ranger 
FIFU024 Goblin Fungus Zombie 
FIFU026 Mykityad Forest Nymph 
FIFU027 Warrior Fungus Queen 
FIFU 030 Enoki Evil Cleric 
FIFU 032 Puff Sporebomb 
FIFUW01 Fighting Fungi Value Pack One (16 miniatures) 

Finally remember that our VNT Undead and Monsters high fantasy 28mm range is now released with sixty five infantry miniatures, an artillery piece, a chariot, a flying wraith, ogres, trolls, demonic tree, grizzly owls and a fantastic Splendorous Djinn too! A lot to choose from covering monsters, skeletons, zombies, vampires, wraiths, lizardmen and more types. We also have some great select offers for you on the VNT range. These are valid until Valentines Day 14th February. Go HERE. Every order placed with us that contains one or more fantasy miniature of any kind (including Ganesha Games) will automatically get a free VNT29-02 Stricken Adventurer worth 2.00GBP in their package. 

Its a great time to be a fantasy wargamer! 

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  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. The Fighting Fungi range will be put up in three parts, this is the first. There will be a gap of a couple of weeks between each part.


  2. Is there an official date when the full Fighting Fungi range will be available?

    1. No. I estimate. In case of delays I do not wish to make people sad to wait longer.