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Friday 8 April 2016

56592 Cruellest DeVille Cuirassiers for Flintloque released!

April is a big month for Alternative Armies every year and on top of our annual Salute Season which sees free shipping worldwide (on all orders over 10.00GBP until 18th April) we have new releases for Flintloque and Slaughterloo...the final codes and divisional box for the Army of Pudigrochumsberg!  These three releases are 56587 Pudigroan Command Set, 56592 Cruellest DeVille Cuirassiers and 56604 Pudigroan Dog Division (DAP) and all of these are now on our website HERE.  The whole army is now complete and released! There are three articles and news items one for each to give each of them their proper worth and place but if you want to see all of them now just click through.  Read on for more on the DeVille Cuirassiers!

The heavy cavalry and mailed fist of King Bonio the cuirassiers thunder into battle to smash the formations of the hated Ostarians and others.  They are few in number but superbly good cavalry being well mounted and trained plus in possession of a wide knowledge of real battle. There is one regiment with ten squadrons of about fifty riders each.  A squadron has two sections and a command element meaning a section has roughly ten Cavalry on  horses in it.  An officer, standard bearer, musician, sergeant along with troopers.  Armed with heavy Straight Swords and the occasional pistol their uniforms are as follows. The uniform consists of a dark orange tunic, grey breeches, a grey tricorne and dark brown boots. Facing colours (cuffs, collars, etc.) are dark blue. Equipment is white with equipment straps being of black leather and the cuirass is brushed steel.

56592 Cruellest DeVille Cuirassiers
This is a set of 28mm white metal Dogman miniatures giving you the heavy cavalry sections and units of your new Pudigrochumsberg force.  These are meant for use with the rest of the Pudigrochumsberg packs but they will also serve well in Confederation of Finklestein collections and also revolutionary older style Ostarian Empire forces.  Sculpted by our lead designer Sam Croes there are five different models (riders) in this set as well as a horse and they are available as a full unit (10) as well as a skirmish set (5) and a trooper booster (1) as well.  As with all our Valon miniatures we offer the additional choice of purchase pro-painted and based by our team of ladies here in Scotland.  The poses are from left to right in the pictures an officer with a raised pistol and scabbarded sword, a musician blowing on a bugle with scabbarded sword, a standard bearer with a pole topped with a plain cylinder head and scabbarded sword, trooper with straight sword raised and lastly a trooper with straight sword held at the ready.  All riders wear a tricorne and steel cuirass.  18.00GBP Go HERE.

These Dogmen are all 'poodle' types making them the same average height and bulk as an Elf.  They would make an excellent skirmish section in their own right.  The horse in this code is well suited to cavalry operating in a colder part of Urop near Diberia as the horses have cloth protection for the face.  

Go HERE to see the whole Pudigrochumsberg Army.

The painted examples here were painted by Jez at Shakespeare Studio Painting.  You can see his work HERE.

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  1. So moved am I that I have written a haiku:

    The thunder of hooves,
    The canines fiercely charge home,
    Big dogs on horses.

    No enemy stands.
    Hacking and slashing they ride.
    The horn sounds the chase.