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Thursday 25 August 2016

Female Dogman Barmaid is Flintloque release for August 2016!

"There is no stigma against the imbibing of strong ale before taking your place on sentry duty or guard duty when it comes to the Dwarves, Ogres and Dogmen of central Urop.  While the Orcs prefer the tender mercies of Lady Gineve and the Elves the whitest of wines it is to ale that the soldiers of Finklestein and Ostaria turn.  It is no secret that these regions make the finest of beers from Heinkillen to Brecks and Karlsburg so there is plenty of opportunity to get a flagon in hand any time of the day.  Some regiments even employ their own travelling micro brewery so that they need to seek out the pub when away from home.  To serve the ale is a high ambition for many young people across central Urop and fame can result.  Barmaids who can carry six or more foaming tankards become famous and sought after.  Such a maid is Frech von Krug from Bruwn in Ostaria who is a real boost in morale to the troops she serves." 

Welcome to the figure release for Flintloque and Slaughterloo for August 2016 our last release of the month. It is a new pack containing one character miniature great for scenarios.  A female Dogman barmaid who pulls pints and takes no nonsense from punters in any pub from Londinium to Finklestein or Ostaria.  Sculpted by Elton Waters go HERE for this month's release or read on for further details.

56113 Frech von Krug Barmaid
This pack contains one 28mm scale white metal multiple part miniature.  A young female Dogman in dress carrying six flagons of ale.  Supplied with separate arms allowing a degree of fine posing.  The miniature stands 28mm tall.  Excellent for use in scenarios or for the panicked townsfolk fleeing the advance of the army. Choose from a pack or a pro-painted and based pack ready for play.  3.00GBP. Go HERE.

We have a new and updated article for you to go with this release.  Originally with the previous edition of the game the first Distractions and Asides article 'No1.The Demon Drinke' we now present the rules in 3rd edition Flintloque for drunkenness in battle! Suitable for any scenarios you have. Download it from our dropbox free by clicking HERE for free.  Get your self a few jars before hitting the foe!

Alternative Armies now has Daily Deal and a Weekly Flintloque Deal too.  Each day we have a different code from anywhere across our vast ranges at a sizable discount off list price and this changes every twenty four hours.  Every week we offer a different core Flintloque / Slaughterloo code at 25% off normal prices and this covers all options; pack, unit, single trooper, pro-painted as well.  Click on the links to see what is current!

Lastly we are offering free shipping on all orders over 10.00GBP product value worldwide from now through to 9am Tuesday 30th August.  This will be announced in full on Friday but we ask you to hold off on orders until then for the sake of a day.  All orders placed before that, is as our custom, from this point will get free product worth the shipping so as not to miss out before 9am Friday.  This is our last release and event of the month.

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