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Wednesday 24 August 2016

Flintloque War in Catalucia OOS and new Flintloque Lite planned

It always makes me sad and happy to announce a title going out of stock (OOS) but over the weekend the final copies of the third run of 5025 Flintloque 3rd Edition War in Catalucia were sold.  The book and its Shilling Starter Pack have been removed from the website for the time being. Additionally when the book returns there will be a new version of the popular free 'Flintloque Lite' (you can still get the current one upon email request) as well.  Go HERE to see Flintloque on the website or read on for more on this announcement.

It is our intention to make some small changes to War in Catalucia before having it re-printed.  These changes will not be to the mechanics of the game or to the army lists or background rather they will see some exchanging of the images of the miniatures in the book and tweaks here and there.  Since it was published in 2009 this first book in the third edition series has stood atop a miniature range that has expanded greatly from that year with new armies and a lot of new packs too.  Bringing War in Catalucia into 2016 will see the influence of Death in the Snow, Grapeshotte and Beir & Bones reflected in it.  We will let you know when the book is back.  At the same time as we are carrying this update out we are also working on a new version of the free lite version of Flintloque which was also published in 2009.

Flintloque 3rd Edition Lite.  Given away by request on email for the last seven years the pages of the virtual PDF lite version of Flintloque give all the core mechanics of the game allowing a feel of play to be gained.  We intend to keep this the case with a new version.  The new version will update and expand the contents with the possibility at this time of being not only a free PDF but also a low priced printed booklet as well.  It will feature the excellent artwork of Edward Jackson including new pieces not yet seen.  More information on this nearer the time.

Thanks for your attention in this update.  If you have any questions or input about the above please do comment or ask us by email on and we will come back to you.

Lastly we will have a Flintloque release at the end of this week for August 2016 a female character civilian and we will also be, in conjunction with our two sister sites, be having a bank holiday event over the weekend too.  Full details will be 'posted' on Friday.

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