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Friday 12 August 2016

Vaspari Pit Demon plus Demonologist pack 28mm Fantasy released!

Earlier this year Alternative Armies released the first monster by a new aspiring designer Greg Saunders.  That was SHM89 Vivaki the Hunger Bird.  We now add to the SHM (Self Help Miniatures) range two more codes from this designer which are suitable for any 28mm fantasy wargame system.  The Vaspari Pit Demon and a pack with Demonologist plus his apprentice and an impling.  

Go HERE to visit the page or read on for details. Excellent work Greg!

SHM90 Demonologist with Apprentice and Impling
Summoning demons and other eldritch nasties from the lower dimensions is the sole ambition of a Demonologist.  This pack contains a trio of 28mm scale white metal miniatures suitable for any 28mm fantasy system.  From left to right in the main image they are a winged Impling a small creature of magic (20mm tall), the Demonologist himself with arm raised in robes with a bone mask (30mm tall).  Lastly his hooded Apprentice carrying the book and scroll of summoning (25mm tall). This code is supplied unassembled and unpainted. Using the product menu on the page you can purchase a pack or select single miniatures from the pack which are A ,B and C from left to right in the main image. Images show the miniatures from different angles.  6.00GBP.  Go HERE.

SHM91 Vaspari Pit Demon  
Those who travel deep into the pits of the world will find many a strange thing and the Vaspari Demon is among the most dangerous.  It lunges from the darkness and injects venom into its prey. Something really strange for your 28mm fantasy collection.  This code contains one white metal single piece miniature.  The monster stands about 30mm tall and is about 40mm long to the end of its tail.  Suitable for use in 28mm scale and in 15mm scale if you wish.  This code is supplied unassembled and unpainted.  Images show the miniature from different angles and also alongside a 28mm scale miniature (28mm tall).  Pictured on a 50mm square base (not supplied).  6.50GBP.  Go HERE.

Remember Alternative Armies has a huge classic range of 28mm fantasy miniatures including Dwarves, Undead, Orcs and Goblins, Monsters, Barbarians, Torture Chamber and of course the Ganesha Games fantasy line too. Click on the links to be taken to those pages.  Above is our Giant Troll.

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