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Wednesday 21 September 2016

DarkeStorme 28mm Fantasy rules now a paid for digital download!

Thanks for taking the time to come to this article for this is a first for Alternative Armies and for me too. DarkeStorme our high fantasy skirmish level wargame rules is now on our website as a paid for digital download. It is excellent value containing the book, the book covers, a folder of add on files and as a bonus the scenarios of 'Murder at Innstadde' are there for free too. All for just 6.00GBP. It works with any 28mm fantasy miniatures including our own extensive range of fantasy miniatures. We will be basing our choice as to future digital downloads of our books such as Erin, Typhon and Flintloque on wargamers reaction to this release. If you all like it then we will put more books up in this manner. Go HERE or read on for more. 

The process of purchasing a digital download from the Alternative Armies website is straight forward and works as follows. Any product which has the digital downloads sticker on it is purchased as normal into the shopping cart and then through to checkout. During checkout and once purchase is made your will get an order number and a receipt. If your order contains any digital downloads there will be a box displayed on the screen where your digital book will appear once it is loaded in (this can take a minute or so for large files) with a button to click to download it. You will also get the download link in your email as well. The purchased download is now yours and can be downloaded up to five times. But do not worry for as long as you can email us your order number at any future date we will manually send you the files by link reply.

Read on for more information or go to our website HERE

‘The Darke Age’ 
The Third Age of Valon 

The World of Valon continues to grow and deepen. The clash of sword and the nimbus of Magicke energy joined the time of muskets and cannon; The Third Age of Valon was born. DarkeStorme the Skirmish allows you to skirmish in the times before Flintloque when Wylde Magicke ruled Valon. DarkeStorme is a skirmish tabletop game in a time of Fantasy and High Adventure. Its aim is to provide a number of players with a generic fun game that is scenario driven. Within DarkeStorme are Characters and units that can be developed and a rules engine that allows a good sized scenario to be played in two hours. 

The DarkeStorme Rules use 2D6, a couple of six sided dice that all players of games will recognise for easy play. The game is designed to avoid argument and is simple in its execution without the need for reams of text on vague rules points. To avoid the need for costly and additional rules all sections dealing with Monsters, Magicke, Cavalry, Artillery, Chariots and a full Racial and Bestiary System are included here. Even a full Points System allowing any creature to be created and included in your games. As always any questions, comments and suggestions can be sent to us here at Alternative Armies and we will do our best to assist in all queries. 

There is an independent review of DarkeStorme high fantasy 28mm skirmish level rule system over on Chris Walkley's blog Conflict Cornucopia. You can read it HERE. DarkeStorme dates from 2010 in its current form and 2005 in its very first edition. 

Alternative Armies has a large range of excellent high fantasy miniatures which you can see on our website all under the High Fantasy menu tag at the top of the front page. We have Monsters, we have the Undead, we have Dwarves as well as Orcs and Goblins plus many more. We also have a ruddy excellent Giant Troll and Dwarven Golem which suit DarkeStorme perfectly. 

Thanks for Reading, 


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