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Friday 3 March 2017

Axe and Brimstone Ganesha figure range released with free Halfling Cook!

The latest expansion to the Song of Blades and Heroes inspired range of 28mm miniatures by Ganesha Games is now online at Alternative Armies!  Fire and Brimstone adds thirty seven single miniatures and three new value packs to all the Dwarves, Hob Goblins, Fighting Fungi and Space Simians already there.  Halflings and Possessed Dwarves along with new Fighting Fungi and Dolmen rock warriors.  Go HERE or read on.  We are putting a free Halfling Cook worth 2.00GBP into all orders which possess one or more Ganesha miniatures (from their pages on our website) from now until Monday 6th of February 9am GMT; just add to cart as normal and we will put it in manually.

We are adding a free Halfing Cook (AAB006) miniature to every order containing one or more Ganesha miniature.  It is worth 2.00GBP and is our gift to you to celebrate the release of this great expansion to the line.  Go HERE and browse.

Here is a list of codes and contents for all the new miniatures from the recent Kickstarter.  This includes two which did not feature in the main in the Kickstarter and are now released generally. These are AAB013 Halfling Stilt Fighter and AAB023 High Priestess on Hell Disc.  Pictures below.

Axe and Brimstone Range Expansion
AAB001 Halfling Trapper 
AAB002 Halfling Militiaman I
AAB003 Halfling Militiaman II
AAB004 Panther Pelter Halfling Female
AAB005 Female Halfling Adventurer
AAB006 Halfling Cook
AAB007 Halfling Heroic Leader
AAB008 Female Halfling Archer
AAB009 Dwarf Demonslayer Halfling
AAB010 Mastiff with Halfling Rider 
FIFU035 Fungus Paladin – Halfling Ally
AAB011 Female Halfling Mage
AAB012 Female Halfing Thief
AAB013 Halfling Stilt Fighter

AAB014 Painblade Wielder Possessed Dwarf
AAB015 Hellchain Wielder Possessed Dwarf
AAB016 Assassin Dwarf
AAB017 Hellfire Fusilier Possessed Dwarf
AAB018 Vorpal Blade Possessed Dwarf Axeman
AAB019 Hellfire Caster Possessed Dwarf
AAB020 Champion Possessed Dwarf with Runesword
AAB021 Demon Hound
AAB022 Possessed Dwarf Axeman
AAB023 High Priestess on Hell Disc
FIFU036 Fungus Assassin – Possessed Dwarf Ally
AAB024 Dolmen Warrior – Possessed Dwarf Ally
AAB025 Dolmen Rock Thrower – Possessed Dwarf Ally

AAB026 Possessed Dwarf Set of Heads (6)
FIFU037 Fungus Gladiator

AABP01 Halflings of Elvenfell Warband - Save 10%
(AAB001,002,003,004,005,006,007,008,009,010,011,012,013 & FIFU035)

AABP02 Possessed Dwarf Warband - Save 10%
(AAB014,015,016,017,018,019,020,021,022,023,024,025 & FIFU036)

AABP03 Axe and Brimstone Mega Bundle with free Fungus Gladiator – Save 10% 
(AAB001 to AAB026 plus FIFU035,036 and FIFU037 free!)

Get yourself a group of Halfling or Dwarf adventurers for any game system or warbands giving a full force plus the ultimate collection with one of every new miniature getting you the whole show in one go.  Go HERE.

Here are some painted up pictures of the miniatures and some scenic shots too.

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