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Thursday 9 March 2017

Post Apocalyptic Mayhem and Destruction - Sulphur II is Coming!!

Here at Alternative Armies we are hugely delighted to announce that we will be taking over the manufacture and marketing of Sulphur, the post-apocalyptic battle game by Terragnosis. 

Over the past few months we have been working with the guys at Terragnosis to bring forward new miniatures and vehicles to the range and an updated and expanded rulebook - which will soon be available on our lovely new website! Check out the pics when you get a chance - these miniatures are exceedingly nice. If you like your apocalypse to be well armed and seriously well sculpted - this is the range for you!  Here are a few words from Terragnosis about the range and the game:

Sulphur is a set of sci-fi skirmish rules with its own extensive range of miniatures including infantry, vehicles and heroes. Sulphur has a distinctly post-apocalyptic feel to it which creates battles between rusty and improvised looking war wagons, ragged looking infantry squads, menacing heroes and satisfyingly impressive heavy weapons. The rules allow players to customise their war-wagons with their favourite weapons and equipment - and the vehicle miniatures themselves all come with a range of weapon options. 

Armies will be led by a number of heroes, characterful individual warriors with their own profile and special attacks. Infantry are divided into a number of categories such as Light Infantry, Assault Infantry, Warriors and Heavy Weapons. Each infantry squad has a particular function on the battlefield which if used correctly will improve their chances of success. Players need to learn how to use these troops to their best advantage as well as how to combine them with other squads in their force for maximum efficiency and effect. For instance, using light troops to identify targets, using heavy weapons to weaken and suppress the target and then sending in the warriors to finish the enemy off at close quarters. Sounds easy? Not so in practise! This means that it is not just a case of the dude with the biggest gun winning the day (although the game does have plenty of big guns!). The right troops have to be used at the right time in the right way. 

And beneath all of this the sinister threat from Sulphur, the insidious creeping mist and shadowy nightmares that lie within it - waiting to terrorise and devour even the bravest souls. It’s the apocalypse folks - and it’s going to get nasty! 

Don’t worry, the guys at Terragnosis are quite nice really, they just like making badass games. If you want to get involved in Sulphur come on over to our website and email us your interest. We will let you know when the range appears - we can’t wait! 

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  1. When will you be releasing the miniatures for sale ?

    1. Thanks for your comment. Currently we are finalising the game book for print and PDF release and readying product photos. We begin later this month with some codes and details. I hope this assists you.