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Thursday, 15 March 2018

Rules for Big Mouth Beast in Flintloque plus Goblin Cavalry on resin lizards

All teeth and all danger the Big Mouth Beast burst onto the scene at Alternative Armies back in January and was a big hit with high fantasy players.  Since then there are been calls from players of Flintloque to get in on this monster action..but how?  Well now you can.  A free download single page PDF with stats and special rules for VNT38 Big Mouth Beast as a random monster in your games of Flintloque.  

Hosted on our website on the Free Downloads page you can download it by Clicking HERE. Enjoy!

If you want to learn more about the Big Mouth Beast then go to this ARTICLE on our blog.

One of the first unit codes made for mass battle and put into the Flintloque line the excellent 53501 Goblin Heavy Cavalry have been reduced in price as they now feature a heavy riding lizard in high quality resin rather than the original white metal.  Get one trooper, a pack of five or a unit of ten with an additional saving. 

Go HERE for the Goblins of Al-Garvey and as well as being available on its own you get a unit of these lizard riders in the Slaughterloo Divisional Army pack which has a saving off all the codes within it too.  Click the links for more information.

We hope you enjoy these two items of news for Flintloque and if you want to get started with the world famous black powder fantasy game then check out our Begin in Flintloque page for Escape the Dark Czar!  Videos, articles, free downloads and a beginners box too.

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