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Monday, 27 August 2018

Get into Flintloque Week with free Savant Zombie in every order!

Thus far in August we have had a Troll Week and a Typhon Week as well as a Laserburn Week all part of our summer fun plus of course the random draw on our Tabletop Gaming group. We have our last event week the month nears its end and this time it is for Flintloque! A unique skirmish blackpowder fantasy game with its own massive range of 28mm miniatures. Until midnight GMT Sunday 2nd September 2018 we have taken 10% off everything in our Flintloque Game System collection which includes the 5024 Escape the Dark Czar beginners box as well as our great value Shilling Starter Packs (full book, miniatures, bases, dice) and all the books for the game in print and as digital paid downloads. It also includes all of the 5024 miniatures such as the Survivors, the Savant Zombies and mounted Zombies on Undead Horses. Save ten percent on all of these and every Flintloque order placed will automatically gain a free random trooper Savant Zombie from 5024 worth 2.00GBP. Go HERE or read on for more. 

The World of Valon in the grip of the Mordredian Wars is a vast and deep game world. We have three theatres of war which are to be found in the Flintloque Game System collection. The first of these is the Central Urop theatre which sees the Dwarves of Krautia and the Dogmen of Ostaria fighting against the Condederation of Finklestein and this is detailed in 5028 Beir & Bones book and shilling starter pack. There is the Catalucian theatre where the Marshals of the Ferach Empire are trying to destroy the Army of Greate Britorcn led by the Duke of Wheeling-Turn and this is detailed in 5025 War in Catalucia and its shilling starter pack. Then there is the Witchlands theatre which sees the once enormous Grande Armee du Norde led by Mordred himself in an embattled retreat from the Undead hordes of the Dark Czar and this is told in 5025 Death in the Snow and its shilling starter pack as well as the beginners set 5024 Escape from the Dark Czar. Each of these theatres benefits from 5026 Grapeshotte which gives exotic weapons and troops as well as artillery for every army. Each of these books and sets tells you more about it on its own page. Go HERE

In the 5024 Escape the Dark Czar beginners box set you get a booklet plus bases and ten resin 28mm miniatures all for a superb price to get you begun in the game. This week we will be automatically putting a random trooper Savant Zombie (worth 2.00GBP) from that box set into your order as an automatic gift. You get it placing an order for anything Flintloque (except digital downloads, it must be a physical order) from any part of the range. A little treat. See these Zombies HERE

Get into Flintloque with new miniatures and more coming this autumn. Also check out the FREE DOWNLOADS page on our site for scenarios and more. 

There is another week long event going on which also ends Midnight GMT 2nd September 2018 with ten percent off the entire classic Tabletop 15mm Fantasy range which is great for any game system in that scale. Go HERE. This range contains value packs of Humans and Dwarves as well as packs of Undead, Lizardmen, Centaurs, warriors of Chaos and other creatures plus bigger monsters such as the Ent, the Rhinosaur and Arch Demon. If you place an order which contains a Tabletop code we will automatically put in a free MDA81 Human Barbarian worth 0.50GBP. A treat! 

Thanks for your time and attention and we will return with new releases in September including new weirdness from Grinning Skull Miniatures. 


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