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Wednesday, 31 October 2018

Free Flintloque download for the Ghostly Bride and Happy Halloween

Until 5th November the brand new 28mm Ghostly Bride is free in all orders automatically; read all about that HERE.  A 4.00GBP gift from us for Halloween fun!

Now are you are fan of Flintloque? A player of Slaughterloo?  Then we have a grizzly treat for you. A free Uniformation article for the Ghostly Bride so that you might put here into those games as part of your Undead Army.  Excellent!

The Twisted Sisters!  The Ghostly Bride stands next to Madame Boniface.  We have a new free article for the bride and also a link to last years same type of article for madame in case you missed it.  You can use these miniatures for any game system but we do like to give you the scoop for the World of Valon.

55030 Ghostly Bride – Uniformation Article
A one page free file hosted by Alternative Armies which gives you some background as well as game statistics and special rules for this miniature in Flintloque and in Slaughterloo.  A great read which also has suggestions and a scenario seed too. CLICK HERE to download it from our website.  See the miniature HERE.

5005 Lady Wintermores Fangs
Download the entire twenty page booklet for this Flintloque box set from our website CLICK HERE.  Updated by the team at Orcs in the Webbe to 3rd edition rules it contains a story as well as three full scenarios and character profiles including one for Madame Boniface.  See the box set HERE and Madame Boniface on her own HERE.

Beginning in Flintloque
This page on our website begins your journey with the best Fantasy Napoleonic tabletop game in the world and it is where you will find all the codes used in the scenarios in the Dark Czar arc as well as scenics and free items such as the scenarios and video reviews of Escape from the Dark Czar and Death in the Snow by the Talking About Gaming independent channel.  There is also a page on our blog for those new to the game HERE.

Happy Halloween from Alternative Armies!


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