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Tuesday, 30 October 2018

Rick Koeppen and over three hundred painted 15mm miniatures from Alternative Armies

Here at Alternative Armies we pride ourselves on our customer service, being friendly, excellent prices and providing great products to wargamers and roleplayers who use miniatures.  We send out many thousands of pro-painted miniatures from our ranges across the world every year.  Based for any game system, our own or any other, these miniatures are from our ranges and are all hand painted to a good tabletop standard here in Scotland.  On our website you can purchase any Flintloque or Slaughterloo code unpainted or painted and based.  You can purchase painted and based HOTT 24AP Armies too ready to use.  We will paint and base anything you see on our website.  Our price includes the miniature, its base, the painting, scenic basing effect and if you like matt or gloss sealing.  For a quote at excellent prices with free worldwide shipping on all orders over 80GBP just have a browse and then email us on with the codes you are interested in and we will come back to you.  We have a lot in stock and typically we turn orders around in two weeks if not. 

Give us a try on 6mm, 15mm, 28mm including infantry, cavalry, monsters, artillery and entire based up armies.

It is my pleasure to present these pictures from one of our customers of painted and based miniatures Mr Rick Koeppen.  With kind permission it allows us to show you the standard of work we provide.   In his own words:

“The last of the figures that I ordered for 'Of Blades & Arrows' arrived today! 300+ 15mm figures, buildings, walls, and more. Manufactured and painted by Alternative Armies located in Scotland. Their turnaround time was excellent, their packing was perfect (not a single damaged figure), their communication was fast, and the overall quality of their work compared to the price was unbelievable.”

The miniatures in Rick's pictures are from the following ranges:

HOB 15mm Buildings Range (Human Buildings)
HOT 15mm Fantasy Range (Monsters, Bats, Walls, Dungeon Scenics)
Tabletop 15mm Fantasy Range (Giants and more)

We have pages on our website which are home to our currently in stock pro-painted codes.  What you see is what you are purchasing and once purchased it is removed from the page, securely packaged and then sent out to you.  We have a 28mm Fantasy page, a Valon (Flintloque and Slaughterloo) page, a 15mm Scale page and a Mythical and Legend page.  Have a browse if you would like to try us out for your gaming table.

Thanks for Reading and our thanks to our customers and Mr Koeppen too.


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