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Wednesday, 16 January 2019

Gingerbread House and Were Chicken Coup unique Flintloque scenics by Tony Harwood

Recently gaming memories from 2012 were brought back to the fore over on the Notables Yahoo Group where many fans of Flintloque reside. Back then I ran a gaming blog called 'Barking Irons' an off shoot from a short lived magazine (if you can find a copy of these you are in for a treat) which featured all manner of Alternative Armies content. Foremost in terms of scenics was the work of Tony Harwood who produced some amazing scratch build unique 28mm terrain for his own collection slotting right into the World of Valon. Tony has put two of these pieces back online on his own blog. The Gingerbread House and the Were Chicken Coup. Yes, you read correctly... 

I have furnished links to Tony's blog for both of these pieces as well as some other information from 2012 which you might find of interest. The linked articles are well worth a read if you like to craft your own 28mm scenery; plenty of pictures in progress. Thus far two books have been published by this talented fellow and both are worth seeking out. 

The Gingerbread House 
Around the time of the Salute wargame show in London in 2012 a Gingerbread House was created and featured in our 'Sharkes Gingerbread' participation game of Flintloque at the show. Go HERE to read the blog post with the whole tale of how it came about. 

You can get the free scenario from that day in Stack Three by clicking on the link to download the whole free folder. It features characters from 5109 Sharkes Chosen box set and also from VLE11 The Gingerbread Set. A great read and a full adventure with game statistics for lumber cake based monsters. 

The house itself is a wonderful creation full of details and with a feel of actually being made from candy. There are more in progress build images on the blog post to enjoy. Now for something a little different. 

The Were Chicken Coup 
Beware the were chickens of Beesdone. A piece made for a friend by Tony. Sadly a dear friend to us both who is no longer with us called Roger Willcox who is the fellow behind the creation of Uncle Rogipoos (see the website for this). Based on a story you can follow the path of it HERE but in essence a nightmare of poultry many clawed terror the Were Chickens are to be avoided. 

There is not as much information on this building but you can see more in progress photos over on Tony's blog. 

I hope you enjoyed this little time travel trip back to the different world of seven years ago. Fun and mad times they were. If any other articles come along which might be of interest be assured I will relay them to you all here. 

Thanks for Reading,


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