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Friday, 18 January 2019

The HOT 15mm Fantasy Range one hundred and twenty codes!

Since the dawn of the 1990's Alternative Armies has been making 15mm Fantasy miniatures and the HOT range has grown and grown in that time.  The range now has one hundred and twenty different pack codes across infantry, cavalry, characters, monsters and beasts.  If you play any game system in 15mm scale from skirmish to elements to mass battle there will be something for you.  We also offer each pack (not monsters or vehicles) as a 'sampler' which you select on the page which will give you one of each pose in the pack; ideal for skirmishing.

Great choice, great value and all in stock all the time as we manufacture it.  Go HERE or read on for more.  On our blog article click on the images here to see them large on screen.

The Giant Hydra with a 15mm tall Wraith for scale

The Jabberwock with a 15mm Wraith for scale

Ogres with a 15mm Wraith for scale.

We have some new images of popular codes which now been put into new molds as of this week.  Our HOT35 Giant Hydra, the HOT94 Jabberwock and HOT30 Ogre Warband (composed of HOT3B, HOT3E and HOT3F).  If you have not seen these 15mm lovelies then check them out.

The most recent additions to the range were packs of 15mm scale Wraiths; infantry, cavalry and personality. Codes HOT114 Wraiths, HOT115 Wraiths II, HOT36 Wraith Cavalry and HOT74 Wraith Lord on Fell Beast

Here is a list of all the codes in the whole range listed making it easy to see all that there is.  If you are keen to find a particular code then enter it into the search box of our website and have a closer look.  We have Dwarves, High Elves, Goblins, Orcs, Skeletons, Wraiths, Zombies, Ghosts, Wall Sets, Ogres, Trolls, Lizardmen, Dragon Men, Dogmen, Celts and more.  We have two dozen different monsters from the smallest such as the Cockatrice to the biggest like the Hydra and Giant Cyclopes.

HOT1 Dwarf Command
HOT2 Dwarf Warriors
HOT2A Dwarf Polearms
HOT2B Dwarf Polearms
HOT3 Goblin Command
HOT3A Trolls
HOT3C Trolls II
HOT3D Trolls III
HOT3B Ogres
HOT3E Ogres II
HOT4 Goblin Horde
HOT4A Orc Horde
HOT4B Mountain Orc Horde
HOT5 Goblin Wolf Riders
HOT6 Giant Spiders
HOT7 Giant
HOT8 Elf Command
HOT9 Elf Knight Cavalry Swords
HOT10 Elf Spearmen
HOT11 Elf Archers
HOT12 Ghoul, Wraith and Skeletal Knight
HOT13 Undead Chariot
HOT14 Hordes of the Dead
HOT15 Cannons with Dwarf Gunners
HOT16 Bolt Thrower with Goblin Crew
HOT17 Catapult with Dwarf Crew
HOT18 Celtic Warband
HOT20 Elf Chariot
HOT21 Zombie Horde
HOT22 Plague of Bats
HOT23 Sitting Dragon
HOT24 Undead Cavalry
HOT25 Orc Chariot with Wolves
HOT26 Flying Dragon
HOT27 Griffen
HOT28 Manticore
HOT29 Eagle Lord
HOT30 War Elephant with Howdah
HOT31 War Mammoth with Howdah
HOT32 The Sphinx
HOT33 Chimera
HOT34 Wyvern
HOT35 Giant Hydra
HOT36 Wraith Cavalry
HOT37 Destroyer of Hope Grand Dragon
HOT38 Orc Archer
HOT39 Dwarf Knight
HOT40 Skeleton Archers
HOT41 Skeleton Spears
HOT42 Elf Knight Cavalry Lances
HOT43 Elf Knight Cavalry Spears
HOT44 Greater Lizardmen Maces
HOT45 Greater Lizardmen Swords
HOT46 Greater Lizardmen Spears
HOT47 The Dracci Dragon Men
HOT48 Dracci Lords
HOT49 Dracci Scouts
HOT50 Dracci Spears
HOT51 Dracci Swords
HOT52 Dracci Shock Warriors
HOT53 Dracci Missile Warriors
HOT54 Dwarf Crossbow
HOT55 Cadaver Giant
HOT56 Wooden Palisades
HOT57 Wooden Stakes
HOT58 Townsfolks Possessions
HOT59 Stone Wall
HOT60 Bastion Wall
HOT61 Goblin Archer
HOT62 Toadec Spawn
HOT63 Catapult with Undead Crew
HOT64 Cadaver Zombies
HOT65 The Danu Goddess
HOT66 Goblin Rat Riders
HOT67 Were Monsters
HOT68 Greater Demons
HOT69 Elf Crossbows
HOT70 Bolt Thrower with Elf Crew
HOT71 Elf Mattocks
HOT72 Elf Swords
HOT73 Elf Axes
HOT74 Wraith Lord on Fell Beast
HOT75 Owlbears
HOT76 Dogmen Personalities
HOT77 Dogmen Command
HOT78 Dogmen Spears
HOT79 Dogmen Bows
HOT80 Dogmen Warriors
HOT81 Dogmen Boar Riders
HOT82 Dogmen Cataphracts
HOT83 Undead Command
HOT84 Giant Fire Elemental
HOT85 Giant Earth Elemental
HOT86 Giant Air Elemental
HOT87 Giant Water Elemental
HOT88 Lesser Elementals
HOT89 Orc Boar Riders
HOT90 Catapult with Orc Crew
HOT91 Orc Command
HOT92 Dracci Magicke Artillery
HOT93 Hooded Executioners
HOT94 Jabberwock
HOT95 Ghosts
HOT96 Naga Bows (April 2019)
HOT97 Naga Swords (April 2019)
HOT98 Skeltaur Cavalry 
HOT99 Skeleton Eternal Guard
HOT100 Ghoul Dragon
HOT101 Da Vinci's Tank
HOT102 Leonardo Da Vinci
HOT103 Cockatrice
HOT104 Anti Paladins
HOT105 Dungeon Gear 15mm Scenics
HOT106 Stockpiles 15mm Scenics
HOT107 Encampments 15mm Scenics
HOT108 Woodlands 15mm Scenics
HOT109 Crops 15mm Scenics
HOT110 Medieval Wyrm
HOT111 Dem Bones Skeletal Scenics
HOT112 Titanic Cyclopes
HOT113 Skeleton Artillery
HOT114 Wraiths
HOT115 Wraiths II
HOT116 Elf Mounted Knight Command 
HOT117 Elf Hero on Griffen
HOT118 Elf Hero on Wyvern

The range will continue to expand in this year.  You will see that two codes are blank...these will be revealed in the future of April 2019.

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