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Thursday, 25 July 2019

Three Big Offers end 1st August 28mm Alternate Stars, 15mm Drop Pods and 15mm Renaissance Range

The end of the month approaches and its been a hot and busy month at Alternative Armies. We would like to thank everyone for their support and to offer this last round up of new releases and offers for July 2019. We will be back with you next week with two free articles for Flintloque and Slaughterloo along with USEME as well. All the following pre-orders, launch offers and whole range discounts end on 1st August and as always free worldwide shipping begins automatically at 80.00GBP and with these promotions you can save from 10% to 25%. Click on what interests you. 

Alternate Stars 
Our brand new 28mm science fiction range will launch next week and we are shipping out pre-orders from today as well. Until 1st August on screen you can save 25% on single miniatures and the set of all twelve. Sculpted by Sam Croes the range composes the following from top left to bottom right in the picture. Go HERE for this range which can be used with any game system. 

AS000 Boudican System Trooper with SMG 
AS001 Nekonari Trooper with SMG 
AS002 Star Empire Ground Trooper with Plasma Rifle 
AS003 CPU4016 Cyborg Enslaver 
AS004 Arcus Marine with Gauss Rifle and Pistol 
AS005 Nyx Merlyn Star Brigand 
AS006 Star Empire Colonial Trooper with Rifle 
AS007 Privateer Captain Fontaine 
AS008 Fomor Space Raider with Laser Rifle 
AS009 Infiltrator Agent Callisto with Grit Pistol 
AS010 Neo Jacobin Free Ranger with Laser Rifle 
AS011 Uhul Warrior with Laser Cannon 

ASP00 Alternate Stars Collection One 

New 15mm Drop Pods and Drop Coffins 
Streaking towards the ground with all passengers strapped in tight Alternative Armies is proud to insert three new codes with a mega launch offer in the HOF 15mm Science Fiction range! We have simple to assemble Drop Pods in both a landed and closed design plus a Drop Coffin. Single packs (save 10%) where you can choose the pack or parts of it as well as, during this even, a bundle of three with a 15% saving and a mega bundle of ten with a 20% off bigger saving. The offer ends 1st August 2019 and the mega bundles will vanish then too. For full details read our BLOG article or go HERE for the range. 

Altuos 15mm Renaissance 
We have overhauled the Altuos range which also includes the excellent Furioso 16th century warfare rule system. We have added around two hundred and fifty new painted example pictures of the range, we have added the option of purchasing the riders only in cavalry codes. We now have the option to purchase only the horses from the range and we have added in total three new codes. New molds now exist of our 15mm Buildings (HOB codes), of our 15mm Walls (HOT codes) and of Leonardo Da Vinci and of his Tank too. Until 1st August there is 10% off everything in the pages of this range; discount is on screen. Go HERE

New Releases 
All the latest from this season across all our ranges and scales can be found on our New Releases page of the website. This includes the excellent solo play multiple time period and open to any miniatures game called Doom Squad by Steve Danes. Get it in print or as a digital download with a twenty percent saving. Read more on the game on its page. 

Collected Bundles and Offers 
If you are looking for a summer project then it is well worth a browse through our Bundles page. Collected in one place are the biggest sets and savers packs including from Ganesha Games and Laserburn plus 28mm High Fantasy, 15mm Star Vikings, Grinning Skull Miniatures and many others.

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