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Friday, 5 July 2019

15mm Renaissance Range overhauled and month long offer

Here at Alternative Armies we have been overhauling the entire 15mm Renaissance range we call Altuos which also includes the excellent Furioso 16th century warfare rule system. We have added around two hundred and fifty new painted example pictures of the range, we have added the option of purchasing the riders only in cavalry codes. We now have the option to purchase only the horses from the range and we have added in total three new codes. New molds now exist of our 15mm Buildings (HOB codes), of our 15mm Walls (HOT codes) and of Leonardo Da Vinci and of his Tank too. Until 9am GMT 1st August there is 10% off everything in the pages of this range; discount is on screen. Go HERE or read on for more details. 

Warfare in the late 15th Century through the 16th Century and into the 17th Century is what our 15mm Renaissance range is all about. If you have not heard of Furioso written by Steve Danes then now is a great time to learn more and to get into this wargame system. The book is in print and as a digital download plus we have a mega bundle with two armies and the book or the armies on their own (with free element bases!) plus packs of bases for Furioso. All of these have a saving off list price and during this event 10% more is saved on top of that. 

Some two hundred and fifty new pictures of almost all of the infantry, cavalry, artillery, gunners and commanders in the range are now online. Front and Rear pictures at a larger size and resolution than before. Painted in period uniforms by Furioso author Steve Danes (very talented chap!) they look great and it is a pleasure to browse at your leisure. 

We listen to customer feedback and have added new products and options to the Altuos range. You can now select on page to get 'rider only' with all cavalry codes and some cavalry codes give mount choices too. Commanders can be bought on their own as well as in small sets. We have the ability to purchase any of the MRH Horses and the OTH Horses (Ottoman) on their own now. Mix and match and choose who riders which mount in your armies. 

As well as the figure range we have 15mm Buildings designed by Sam Croes which are, as we are told, some of the most characterful and finest there are. These along with five different packs of 15mm walls are all in resin and in new molds this week. All on the first page of the range HERE

Featuring large in the The Italian Wars expansion for Furioso the great man Leonardo Da Vinci has his own miniatures in the range on foot and mounted as well as his Tank or Turtle Car which is a great 15mm model and has game rules too. We hope you find something you like in this event and with all these new pictures and more. 

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