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Tuesday, 26 November 2019

Alternative Armies titles in print and digital download

I would like begin by thanking our customers for their continued support of Alternative Armies as we near 2020 while still expanding and adding new items every single month across many of our ranges.  We do not often speak of our game titles as an entity..but they are. These titles often link to a miniatures line such as Flintloque or Furioso or they stand alone for use with any miniatures such as USEME or Doom Squad.  We offer the books in print and we offer many of them as paid digital downloads too.

We have three collections of titles on the website which includes The Ion Age which returned to Alternative Armies this year.  Here are the direct links:

Here at Alternative Armies I am often the face of the company (and an ugly mug it is too!) the little arrowhead on black next to my name.  We like to talk about our miniatures, our games, ideas and more.  We have places for this and if you are keen I would welcome you there.  Here are the links.

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