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Sunday, 24 November 2019

Retained Knights of Castella by Sam Croes

It is my pleasure to present to you pictures of the Knights of Castella miniatures in the collection of Alternative Armies very own lead designer and painter Sam Croes.  These Retained Knights along with Noblesse and Knight Errant are taken from the 28mm Ion Age Miniature Range on the website and include a customised Moth Type 12 carrying Knight.

The images which follow can be clicked upon to make them much larger and there is a helpful note with each to tell you a little more if you are keen on the miniatures.

Four Retained. Codes from IB022 and IB020 packs.

Four Rapid Assaulter Knights.  Codes from IB020 and IB022.

 A customised Moth Type 12 Retained based on IA085 miniature.

 Currently not in production Moth Type 88 Twin Barrel Cannon with Muster Gunner

 A Retained Noblesse and a Knight Errant both excellent characters. Both from IB32 pack.

 The whole force assembled and ready to fight for Castella!

Castella is a Barony in the Prydian Precinct which will be featured in the fourth book of the Patrol Angis series currently titled 'Baron'.  You can play Patrol Angis in 28mm rather than 15mm simply by changing centimeters to inches and it works just fine.  Of course MOTH is our 28mm skirmish system and you can try out Firefight 2.0.

There are several hundred 28mm scale miniatures on the website as well as hundreds of codes of miniatures, vehicles, mecha, buildings and more in 15mm scale.  You can see above the menu on the website which has these ranges.  Here are direct links:

During the transition of The Ion Age website back into Alternative Armies back in May of this year there was a blog article published which also dealt with Castella but that time in 15mm scale.  Above you can see Sam Croes custom built Magog mecha (80mm tall).  Go HERE to read that article.

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