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Monday, 27 September 2021

Free Flintloque micro rules: By Gad Reginorc he bit my behind!

Micro add on rules for Flintloque today in 'By Gad Reginorc he bit my behind!' as you place a vicious animal into your scenario and it...well goes on a bit of a rampage.  These new rules can be put into your game if players agree or solo play and will work just fine with any small angry animal in any theater of the Mordredian Wars.  So a dog with Orcs and Elves, a dodo with Goblins, Pummling Pig with Dwarves, Wolves for Vampyres and so on.  See the GRN04 Pig Dog featured here on the website (this miniature given away free in every order shipped during September 2021) and read on for the link to download.

All teeth and a spiked collar Major Reginorc Cliffin of the 81st Foote has brought his wife's nasty animal on campaign (as she no longer wants it oddly enough) and now its your problem..

Flintloque Bolt on Rules: By Gad Reginorc he bit my behind: This one page free download gives you micro add on rules for your scenarios.  A vicious animal is on the rampage and is intent upon mischief not only to the enemy but your troops too!  Works in any theatre and is great fun.  CLICK HERE to download the PDF from our online storage.

We have a great many other free downloads for you to enjoy which add to our game systems such as Flintloque, Furioso, USEME and more.  Go HERE for this page and scroll down clicking on the links to get the articles and the zipped folders of many articles in one.  For fans of The Ion Age there is another page containing all of the array of free articles as links; go HERE for this page.

This is our last free content for the month and we hope you enjoy.

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