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Tuesday, 7 September 2021

HOT74 Fell Beast alone and with choice of Wraith riders by request

We respond to customers questions and we act when we can to improve the service we offer.  Alternative Armies was asked if the excellent HOT74 Wraith Lord on Fell Beast could be expanded to offer the beast on its own.  Certainly we could do this and indeed we can also offer it with a choice of riders all taken from HOT36 Wraith Cavalry as they will fit upon it.  Go HERE for the HOT 15mm Fantasy Range.

HOT74M Fell Beast choose your Wraith Rider This new code gives you the creature and a choice from five different riders for it to be supplied with.  Go HERE.

HOT74A Fell Beast A suitable mount for your dark overlord or flying undead cavalry.  Perhaps the creature is wild and acting as a beast in your army.  Get it with no rider HERE.

You can get the original code HERE with the Wraith Lord rider and above a wee scale shot alongside HOT114 Wraiths and HOT100 Ghoul Dragon too. By request and now online!  The new release into this range for the month will be this very week too.


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