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Thursday, 3 February 2022

Bakewell DBA Tournament 2022 prizes from Alternative Armies

It was our pleasure to sponsor with prizes the resumed annual DBA tournament held by the Bakewell Club in England.  Our thanks to Simon for the following account and photos.  If you are interested in 15mm Dark Age miniatures see the website (Blemye were the prizes from us) and go to the Fanaticus Boards if you are keen on knowing more.  Over to you Simon!

Eighteen players turned up for the Bakewell Blinded by the Lights tournament yesterday and it was also good to see some new faces in Bakewell, particularly those who had travelled a long way such as from Kent and Worcester.  The above photo is from the tournament in progress and the other is winner of the grand prize Pete Duckworth giving thumbs up and that is me on the right! Congratulations to winner Pete Duckworth who went away with some Blemye 15mm figure packs kindly provided by Gavin at Alternative Armies. Thanks for your sponsorship.

Very close runners up were Mark Johnson and Rob Rush in 2nd and 3rd places respectively.

The Blind General rule was in play, whereby your opponent threw your PIPS dice and didn't let you know how many you had until you ran out. There was also a tournament requirement that only two elements in an army could have base combat factors of 4 or more and so there were some interesting armies on the tables.

Out of the 54 games, 47 were win/lose, 5 were winning draws and 2 were level draws.


1.  Pete Duckworth        III/55   Early Samurai

2.  Mark Johnson           III/70  Tuerag

3.  Rob Rush                 IV/42  Islamic Persian

4.  Neil Mason               IV/60  Catalan Company

5.  Mark Skelton            I/8c    Dilmun

6.  Neil Alexander          II/49  Anatolian Turkoman

7.  Phil Johnson             II/14  Ariarathid Kappadokian

8.  Arnaud Marmier        III/55 Early Samurai   

9.  Colin Alcock              II/57  Later Moorish

10. Tom Whitehead        III/29  Thematic Byzantine

11. Martin Smith            I/35b  Phoenician

12. Stevie Andrews        II/47f  Suevi

13. John Saunders         II/69a  Sassanid

14. Tim Rogers              II/14  Ariarathid Kappadokian

15. Stephen Finn           I/8b  Makkan

16. Pete Davis               III/40  Norse Irish

17. Pete James              III/18  Breton

18. Paul Murgatroyd       III/29  Thematic Byzantine

The Isarus range contains many different 15mm scale nations including Arabs (recently remastered and new pictures) and Blemye as well as Goths, Sarmations, Byzantines, Vikings, Saxons, Mongols, Normans, Huns, Artillery and Late Romans.  All single miniatures or small sets great for any game system.

If you have a tournament and would like to approach us for sponsorship we are happy to speak to you.  Contact and tell us your event, address and other useful information.  We can offer prizes for historical, fantasy, science fiction events and we like to encourage the hobby.

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