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Thursday, 24 February 2022

Vroom Beasts rare sci-fi creatures 1980s by Asgard return

Two of the rarest aliens in the classic Asgard Science Fiction Range are now returned to the world once more.  Our last news for February 2022. Joining the Warbirds, Gorgory, Froog, Szithks, Centalons, Thulgs, Glax and others in the combined Asgard and Tabletop page of the website.  1980's cool which Alternative Armies is happy to say is available once more.

There are two of these aliens one armed and one with claws.  Little is known of them outside of some artwork and description for the rules set Combat 3000 where it seems they have poor eyesight, move a lot by hopping and have excellent hearing.  As you can see here they work well in 28mm scale and in 15mm scale.  Stood next to an Alternate Stars power armoured trooper and a Security Force Alpha Trooper too.

A great addition to a collection of critters for you on the gaming table.  Here is SF6 and SF6a from all sides.  Very odd aliens indeed!

We decided upon a fleshy take with the painting but you could paint them up in almost any way I think.

This is our last release of the month at Alternative Armies and we have a great deal of science fiction to choose from.  Have you checked out the 28mm Ion Age Range or the Space Marines and Adventurers?  How about the 15mm Laserburn and Asgard Range or the 15mm SHM and Star Vikings Range?

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