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Wednesday, 1 June 2022

Alternia of The Ion Age free during June 2022 and month news

'It is important to note that the creation of the Prydian Army actually contributed greatly to the rise of both Yordan and Canlaster. Before the formation of the Army the Marcher Barons had little room for movement, they could hire mercenaries and police their own worlds but the Starvaulters kept them in check. Taking men and women from the planets of the barons and giving them so much training and weaponry only stoked the fires of civil war. Certainly the hundreds of new regiments put down the rebels for several years but then they became rebels themselves as their loyalty was first to their baron and not the throne. Granted not all of the regiments abandoned the throne. Those that stayed loyal have done an excellent job of fortifying the whole Glastonbury system which has kept us safe from the war up to this point but we have very much been the architects of our own demise. We were warned by many but we chose to ignore them all. Kadj Dace got what he wanted; not by the means he planned but by accident of design. Prydia is aflame and none among us can stop it.' Lord Turnbull, Council of the Addan, Glastonbury Tor 4321IC 
June marks the half way point of the year! The sixth of a dozen (one each month all year) new Alternia miniatures is free in every package sent out from Scotland to customers. Place your order, as many as you wish and she will automatically be included. Any size of order the only exception is no digital only orders; as long as it is shipped it gets the free miniature. Ends 1st July 2022 for ALT006. See our mascot Alternia range on the WEBSITE
This month our mascot is inspired by the mighty Ion Age 28mm range and setting. In the armour of a female Retained Knight she fits right in with the hundreds of other Ion Age miniatures suitable for any game system including MOTH and Firefight 2.0. In two pieces (separate back jet pack) she is armed with an Angis Rifle and a powered halberd. Her helm sits at her feet and her hair flows over her shoulders. Her pauldron is emblasoned with the AA arrowhead too. Use her in the Prydian Army or in the service of the Marcher Barons and Condot Mercenaries. She is painted up here as a Condot Mercenary. 

If you missed any of the previous Alternia's they are, as promised, on the website for purchase as single miniatures. There are now a total of seven including the original high fantasy pose. 
There is a very wide array of miniatures, vehicles and more in the Ion Age 15mm range. The Patrol Angis Game has three different books as well as a game pack with saving and free extra Knight Errant figure. Have a BROWSE and every pack offers the choice of single poses from it in any quantity. 

Alternative Armies News for June 2022 

This is a science fiction heavy month with us and we begin with our free Alternia as you have seen but also with a notice about dear 'RUFUS' (above). Robotic Unit Fighting or Utility Servant; used by merc crews and brigantines as added muscle. At 40mm tall it is useful in 28mm, 15mm and 6mm settings. AS013 has been re-mastered and is one of the many codes in our DEALS AND OFFERS page for savings of 5% to 20% or more off regular prices. 
There is also IA103 Noble of Prydia a large power armoured commander re-mastered and now on the site on offer from The Ion Age range which stands 36mm to top of head. 
We will have new Ion Age images of the Betrayers as well as the Planetary Militia and some other codes all painted up for you to see as well as a brand new release of the first ever 28mm female retained knights as a semi-modular pack and singles. Much like the recent Starvaulters (IB55 and IB56). To go alongside these new retained knights there will also be a new female personality low rank officer to lead them. Very much a ladies parade during June and we will let you know as it occurs. 
Following up in the expanding Kitton range which had its first musket armed Catfolk there is another new pack this month giving you Command for your Ashigaru including a two piece drum and drummer which go well alongside any Ashigaru soldiers. 
By request of the Flintloque community there will be an article comparing the recently re-mastered, expanded and re-released classic 5002 Deadloque Set characters with the current 5024 Escape the Dark Czar mortal characters. Despite having an age gap of some twenty years they go really well together as you will see. There is also the likelihood of a play though example article by author Vic Dobson of his USEME 6mm Science Fiction rules by gamers request. 
The culmination of Legion De Nain project which ran across from April 2021 to now is reached this month with the release of two different Slaughterloo Divisional Army Packs for the legion. One riding Pummilig Pigs, the other Boars and both giving units of line, grenadiers, cavalry, skirmishers, artillery crew, limber beasts, casualties, cannon and mounted officer with a significant saving. The largest army of black powder Dwarves in the whole world! News on this when it happens and the Bier Wars will continue during this year. 
As always if you have any questions or would like to make a suggestion or ask if we can restore or release something you are looking for then contact us on and we will do our best to assist you. 
Thanks for Reading, 

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