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Thursday 18 February 2016

Dogmen getting new resin Horse in March!

Next month in March 2016 Alternative Armies will be replacing all of the white metal horses in the cavalry and command codes for the Ostarian Army and the Confederation of Finklestein armies of Dogmen in the Flintloque and Slaughterloo range with a new resin horse. This continues our mount replacement which has thus far covered Trolka Moose, Ogre Rhino, Orc Horses and others. This short article shows you the new horse and all of the codes which will be changed with this new horse replacing the older one. We will also will be having some offers on these codes changed by way of a little celebration next month. 

The new resin horse is a combined design based on the standard cavalry mount and the lancers mount. It is in a running pose and fits with all the existing riders who will remain in white metal. The artillery limber horse will also remain in white metal. Here is a list of the codes which will be given these new horses: 

56508 Dogmen Cuirassiers 
56509 Dogmen Hussars 
56524 Dogmen Lancers 
56510 Dogmen Command 
56537 Dogmen Engineers 
LE032 Prince Swartzenbarch 
56600 Ostarian Dogman DAP 
56601 Confederation Dogmen DAP 
56602 Saxhunde Dogmen DAP 

We have withdrawn these codes from the website for the remainder of the month while we prepare.

If you have any questions please do email us on and I will be happy to talk about it. 

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