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Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Tap Room Ogre released for Fantasy and Flintloque

A new 28mm release from Alternative Armies. The Tap Room Ogre is a civilian or fantasy miniature which is great for any game system.  Sculpted by Elton Waters.  Go HERE or read on for more.

It can be a tough life running a tavern like the Fallen Angel especially when the tavern is located in southern Kartoffelburg which is a war zone.  Kartoffelburg is a cauldron of nations with the Ferach Empire and its allies fighting against the Krautians with the support of Greate Britorcn.  The Fallen Angel used to have beautiful stained glass windows and inscribed doors.  Now it has windows which are boarded up and doors which are studded with iron.  It would have been less, a smoking ruin, if it had not been for Otto Saufen.

Otto Saufen minded the bar in the tap room of the tavern until the owner was killed in a skirmish between Krautian infantry and Elvish carabiners.  That firefight also ruined the carefully tended gardens around the Fallen Angel and saw the four harnessed Rhinos which carried those with coin to nearby Fusserhaufen stolen by the Dwarves.  Once the musketry had ended Otto found himself landlord of a now damaged tavern.  But he was determined to survive and ever since he has sold booze both fine and foul from a line of barrels behind the bar.  Bullet holes and blackened timbers where comfortable furniture once was.  A Barrel on Tap at all times is his motto and he Otto even takes to the fields around the Fallen Angel when profit is near.

56116 Tap Room Ogre
This code contains one 28mm scale white metal miniature which stands about 35mm tall.  A civilian or un-uniformed soldier in shirt and trousers carrying a heavy barrel on his back.  This miniature works well in many game systems in High Fantasy and of course Flintloque and Slaughterloo.  Goes excellently with the Krautian Giant Legion or the Hunvarian Legion plus Valon Civilians.  You can purchase this code unpainted or painted and based for immediate play.  Supplied with a 30mm square base.  Price 4.00GBP.  Go HERE.

We have created a one page article called 'A Barrel on Tap' which contains a short tale, rules for Flintloque, rules for Slaughterloo as well as a scenario seed which is hosted on our website as a PDF; click HERE to download it to your device.  Enjoy.  

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