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Friday, 26 January 2018

The Othari in Flintloque 3rd edition a free download

Next week Alternative Armies is releasing a new Othari so we thought it would be nice to publish the play test resource which we are building for the still far off 'Blood on the Sand' game book for Flintloque 3rd edition.  Four pages with all you need to bolt onto any other game book and to get Othari and Aegyptian Halflings onto your table.  Go HERE for the range and the link for the download.

A free Flintloque resource to download from our Website on the Otharmann Empyre page HERE. Four pages giving you an introductory background plus racial tables and unique rules plus notes for getting Othari and Aegyptian Halflings into your games.  It is a playtest official document for which you will need to add any game book for 3rd edition or the 5024 Escape the Dark Czar beginners box set to get the rules to get the figures on the table.  It is a bolt on article.  So if you have Janissaries, Household Warriors, Camelry and other Othari troops this is an article for you as we test things out for 'Blood on the Sand'.

The Otharmann Empyre is often seen as the sick weakling of the great powers of Valon but that is not quite true.  Certainly the Emperor Mordred destroyed their army at the Battle of the Pyramids but the Elves were so outnumbered that it was a close run thing.  The Othari get aid from the Army of Albion and its Royul Navye as well as having more Wylde Magicke than any Elf, Orc or Dwarf army can manage.  Few know that the bulk of the Sultan's war hosts are tied up in an endless three way struggle in the Odeatha region against the minions of the Dark Czar and others.  Aegypt is only a part of the glittering scimitar of the Otharmann Empyre.

We hope you enjoy this free download and feedback is welcome by message, email or comment.

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