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Monday, 25 March 2019

March To War 2019 Free Worldwide Shipping plus 10% off website and 20 New Releases until 16th April

The big event of the spring is here with 'March to War'.  Until 16th April 2019 there is free worldwide shipping on all orders of 20GBP or more in the cart!  There is 10% off every single code and its options across the entire website! We have twenty new releases in 15mm and 28mm scales, Science Fiction, High Fantasy, Flintloque, Scenics, Monsters, Horror!  On top of this we have Deals and Offers saving you from 10% to 50% on selected codes. Spring is here and its time to march to war once more! Enjoy this mega event! Go HERE or read on for details.

Let us tell you all about the March to War 2019 event ending 9am GMT 16th April 2019.  All the information on what is happening as well as a listing of all the new codes.  Click on the links to go through to what tickles your interest.

Free Worldwide Shipping
Until the 16th April 2019 (9am GMT) we giving free worldwide shipping automatically on all orders of 20.00GBP of product or greater in your cart.  Just add to cart and the website will do the rest.  This is our standard UK mail and standard Airmail.  If you desire 'signed for shipping' you must select this during checkout and its normal flat cost of 10GBP remains in place.  During this promotion you will save the normal 5GBP for UK and 6GBP for Rest of World shipping.  A great chance to try us out or to get those models which are on your wants list or from a browse. 

Twenty New Releases and 10% off entire Website
That is correct we have taken ten percent off our entire website on screen! During this event we have twenty new releases now on the website. We will be giving full information, resources and images for each of these as normal in a new release article as we always do BUT  you can order any of them RIGHT NOW if you wish saving 10% on each of them.  This 10% applies to all variants including multiples, singles and pro-painted (if an option) and will be in place on each of them until the end of this event.  Read on for the link to and basic information on each.  Each has a place holding picture and less detail than it will have at the time of its own news article when we reveal it in images.  We like to give every new miniature its time in the limelight. Here are the new things!

SDB01 Doom Squad – Go HERE.  Book!
Written by Steve Danes a new nerve-shredding game of special forces action that ranges across three hundred years of history. From the time of Napoleon through to the trenches of World War One and right up to special forces operations in the early 21st century.  A small team dropped in against the odds. Doom Squad is meant to be played as a solo game system pitting your team against the game engine. You can also opt for a multi-player game of 'co-operation' of two or several players going up against the game.  Your troops will be equipped with the latest high-tech weapons and equipment from their historical or current era; which can mean muskets, rifled carbines or assault carbines with red-dot sights.  It all depends on which period you pick. Rules are very simple and easy to use and are based around the use of one or more six sided dice to test for firing and close combat.  Players will control one or more special forces squads and will be faced with an enemy that can be tough, disciplined, confused, resolute, unsteady and always unpredictable.  This title is 44 pages and is a print book (it will be a digital paid download after this event).  On our Tabletop Gaming Books page.

59532 Library Barricade (1) – Go HERE.  28mm!
59535 Ruined Apothecary Barricade (2) -  Go HERE.  28mm!
59536 Furniture Barricade (2) – Go HERE.  28mm!
59537 Bed Barricade (2) – Go HERE.  28mm!
59538 Barricade Boxed Saver Set (8 Different Models) – Go HERE.  28mm!
Following up on our other great scenic terrain releases this year we have four new pieces and a value saver set contains one each of the eight types of barricade we have released.  The Library Barricade shows a sadder use for masses of books, the Apothecary has given up potions and bottles and more for a barricade, the furniture of a small home is piled in defence and lastly some poor sod was thrown out of his sty for his bad including the mattress to be used as a barricade.  The value set has all these plus the Long Table, the Crates and Boxes, the Kegs and Barrels plus the Kitchen barricades. Most are 45mm long and 25mm tall.  Super in any horse and musket or fantasy setting.

EH05 Giant Arachnids (3) – Go HERE.  All Scales!
The latest sculpting from Kieran Billings he of the Big Mouth Beast and Crab Monster is here!  Three giant spiders in a value pack each composed of a body and eight legs for a degree of pose choice.  Each body is different and you can use these in any scale from 6mm to 15mm and 28mm. Just under 70mm wide when assembled.  You can also get one random giant spider kit too (if you order more than one we will vary what you get).  Rather scary when painted up!  Great for many wargame settings and systems.

EH06 Arachnid Swarm (4) – Go HERE.  All Scales!
When you need a clutch of web makers for your games check out the Arachnid Swarm.  Sculpted by Kieran Billings these four different resin spiders are great for use any scale and each is about 20mm wide.  Get a pack of choose the swarm option for a bundle of them with a big saving!  You can also get one random spider too.  Great for many settings.

OH34 Goblin Knight Open Hands – Go HERE.  28mm!
The armoured goblins in our high fantasy range continue to expand with a new pack conjured up by Zac Martin.  Have a look at our BLOG for an article on these fighting goblins and our plan for them.  This new pack contains four poses in full plate, an officer, a standard bearer, warrior with long shield and warrior with round shield all with an open hand.  An array of weapons are supplied giving you the choice of how to arm them (and spares for your bits box too!).  Spear, Halberd, Sword, Curved Sword, Bow and Quiver of Arrows.  Get a pack or choose one pose with a set of weapons.   

HOF121A Fire Cat Battlesuit – Go HERE.  15mm!
HOF121B Steel Cat Battlesuit – Go HERE.  15mm!
HOF121C Grease Cat Loader Suit – Go HERE.  15mm!
HOF121D Hades Cat  Battlesuit – Go HERE. 15mm!
If you are a fan of Security Force Alpha and what Fred Richards has been releasing into the HOF range then you will know about the fantastic Bear Cat Battlesuit which stands 40mm tall.  We have four new variant kits based on the Bear Cat each with a different role in your forces.  The new Fire Cat Battlesuit brings the heat carrying a heavy flame thrower along with its fuel tank plus a big heat proof arm shield and a top mounted rotary cannon.  The new Steel Cat Battlesuit throws out the slugs with its rail gun and top mounted grenade launcher.  The new Grease Cat Loader Suit is for your docks and space stations with its cargo lifting arms plus top mounted spot light and forward lights.  The Hades Cat Battlesuit reaches out to the enemy with twin missile pods and a top mounted comms dish.

SGFP33 Guild Hunters – Go HERE.  Sengoku Japanese Fantasy Range.  15mm!
Joining the hundred different male, female, creatures, monsters and more in the Sengoku Range is a new pack of character monster hunters.  These characters will feature in the upcoming expansion title to Sengoku Monster Hunter later in 2019. Famous Monster Hunters for use in your games. Takemito the Sumo, Tomoe the Spear Lady, Miyamoto the Duellist, Sanada the Yokai Chaser and Shoki the Demon Queller. Taken from codes SGF103 to SGF107.  Pack or singles.

SGFP39 Sengoku Buildings Set One – Go HERE. 15mm!
Sculpted by John Bell we have four new resin buildings for use in any Japanese set game such as Sengoku Monster Hunter.  Two small board wall buildings and two large board wall buildings which you can get a singles or as a value set. All are one piece and are 60mm wide and from 70mm to over 100mm long.  We also have a pack of white metal shutters for the buildings which are optional and can be added or used in dioramas.  You can also have them as singles.

HOT 96 Naga Archers – Go HERE.   15mm!
HOT97 Naga Swords – Go HERE.  15mm!
Two new packs in the HOT 15mm Fantasy Range. Filling in the missing two codes hinted at last year. Powerful and mystical these half human and half serpent female creatures come ten to the pack and each pack has four different poses.  Archers armed with bows and warriors with Sword and Shield.  Great for use in any game system and you can also choose a 'sampler' which contains just one of each pose if you are a skirmish player.  

GRNP11 Klorzid Seeders Pack – Go HERE.  15mm!
The latest new from Grinning Skull Miniatures this pack can be taken as is or select one of the four poses from it.  Following up on the Klorzid Killer Plants pack there is a Two Headed Sprouter a Klorzid Sapling as well as a Nightmare Spider and a Worm Pile.  Exotically odd miniatures great for many game systems.

SHM94 Smolboi Penguin Commissar – Go HERE.  15mm!
Brand new in the Self Help Miniatures (SHM) range, which is almost at one hundred unique miniatures by aspiring designers is a great little chap sculpted by Brendon Sterma.  Armed with a pistol and wearing a long coat and shako this commissar brings the law!

Big Bundles and Discount Offers during this Promotion
Visit us HERE for our page which contains all of our best deals from across Alternative Armies entire website for all of our ranges (except Slaughterloo Divisional Army boxes which are HERE).  Saving up to 50% these offers and bundles give you entire forces for High Fantasy, Sengoku, HOF, Ganesha Games and Asgard.  As well as this we have single codes from our ranges which are discounted from regular prices. For great deals check them out.

Digital Downloads are 20% Cheaper than Print Books
Lastly we would like tell you about our range of Digital Download titles which you can see HERE.  Many of our rules systems are here and all of them are twenty percent cheaper in PDF form than they are in print.  Have a browse for Flintloque, Slaughterloo, Furioso, Sengoku, USEME, DarkeStorme, Age of Might and Steel and more.

Thanks for your time and please do contact us with any questions on or on our Facebook Group HERE.


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