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Friday, 1 March 2019

Spring Clean Event 10% off 170 Recent Releases plus new 28mm Discarded Kitchen Barricade

Spring is here at Alternative Armies and we have an offer for you plus a new release to begin the month of March.  In the last year or so we have added one hundred and seventy recent releases to our New Releases page.  This does not include stand alone ranges such as Ganesha Games and Bradley 6mm but does include all our own ranges and those such as Grinning Skull, Loud Ninja Games, Sengoku and such.  Later this month we will be distributing these recent releases to their own collections throughout our website but before that we have taken 10% off every single one of them!  Until 9am GMT Monday 11th March 2019 the discount is on screen and there is something there for 28mm players, 15mm players, fans of fantasy, science fiction and more.  We ship five times a week so get yourself a treat in our spring clean event!  Go HERE.

There are so many things in these recent one hundred and seventy new codes that we cannot list them all here.  They include brand new creations, re-mastered classics, new books, digital downloads, bundles, army packs, terrain and some weird things too.  In terms of ranges they include Flintloque, Slaughterloo, High Fantasy, HOT 15mm Fantasy, HOF 15mm Science Fiction, Ganesha Games, Sengoku 15mm Japanese Fantasy, Furioso Historical Rules and Armies, Eldrich Horror, Loud Ninja Games, Artillery, Tabletop 15mm Fantasy, Torture Chamber Range, Sulpher 32mm Post Apoc, 28mm Terrain, Bases and a pencil topper.  Go HERE.

We hope you enjoy the spring clean event before we empty out the New Releases page to make room for the next twelve months (which will begin with our massive spring offensive mega event end of March..but shussh..more on this at the time) and we have added one more brand new code to the new releases today...the 28mm Discarded Kitchen Barricade!

Alternative Armies has added another code to our excellent range of 28mm Terrain Range. This range is at home in any black power, horse and musket or fantasy setting.  Each pierce is full of character and there are such things as Abandoned Beer and Goods Wagons, Corpse Piles, Campaign Table, Campfire plus stone wall pieces and barricades (Boxes and Crates, Beer Barrels and Long Table). Scatter them on your gaming table today. Go HERE. The smaller barricades come two to the pack while the larger ones are single piece to the pack.  If you already have our 28mm terrain in your collection you will know just how much detail and attention there is in every model.

59534 Discarded Kitchen Barricade (2)
Hearth and home and the fires of cooking must all be put to the defence of your home when the enemy comes.  Empty the larder and raid the cupboards and get the contents heaped up so that you may block their assault!  This pack contains two identical high quality grey tone resin terrain pieces.  A set of shelves piled with plates as well as sacks of carrots, tomatoes and apples plus other food and kitchen implements. Put them on your table as an objective or cover or just for interest.  Each measures 45mm in length, 25mm  deep and 25mm tall.  You can purchase with the buttons on screen one or get three with a saving or get it pro-painted and ready to use.  

There are many more images from all angles on the page plus plain resin picture. Go HERE.

We have three articles coming up during the Spring Clean event and these will be out over the next week.  Three free articles with resources for Furioso, Flintloque and DarkeStorme by three hobbyists.  I am looking forward to these!

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