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Thursday, 11 April 2019

Armoured Goblin Knights with separate weapons 28mm scale now released!

Back in 2018 we spoke in our BLOG about the planned expansion of the classic 28mm scale metal Armoured Goblins. Working with Zach Martin we are delighted to announce the release of the first pack spoken of then.  Alternative Armies gives you open handed Goblin Knights which are supplied with a set of six different weapons to outfit them with.  These join all the other Armoured Goblins such as the Knights, Knights Command, Bolt Thrower, Chariot with Crew the Sword Bearer and who could forget the Dodo Riders.  

Go HERE or read on for more.

In full plate mail these Goblins are great for many settings and campaigns such as defending a Temple of Doom or even paired up with Giant Spiders!

“The Iron Guard are the foremost of the Goblins. In ranks they march and in formations they fight. Yes, in good order. Not like any Goblins you have ever heard of. These plate armoured Goblins have turned back the Dwarfs of the green stone mountains and given the Elves of the sun vale a bloody nose. Respect them.”

OH34 Goblin Knights Open Hand
This pack contains four 28mm scale white metal Goblin poses in full plate armour. An officer, a standard bearer, knight with round shield with skull motif and warrior with long shield all with an open hand to take a weapon. An array of six different weapons are supplied with each Goblin giving you the choice of how to arm them (and spares for your bits box too!). Spear, Halberd, Sword, Curved Sword, Bow and Quiver of Arrows.  One Set per Miniature. 

Get a pack, three packs with a saving or choose one pose (comes with a set of weapons).  28mm scale white metal miniatures approx 22mm height. Great quality, choice and value. These miniatures are not supplied with bases and are supplied unpainted.  Go HERE.

These open handed poses go great with the FL1 and FL2 packs of Armoured Goblins to create whole units and of course you can create whole units of these new miniatures by selecting just what you want in multiples.

Alternative Armies has a huge choice in 28mm fantasy miniatures and we also have the classic Fantasy Warlord range as well.  Have a browse and thank you all for your kind words at our returning to the world ranges thought lost in the mists.

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