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Friday, 26 April 2019

Cut a path into May with a Free Scimitar Monster in every 28mm Fantasy Order!

Andrea Sfiligoi the fellow behind Ganesha Games and wonderful rules systems such as Song of Blades and Heroes and Four Against Darkness is a great friend of Alternative Armies. To celebrate the arrival of May we have a special offer on the whole 28mm Ganesha Games miniature range which we manufacture here in Scotland. Andrea has created the new mass battle system Of Armies and Hordes and we are putting a Scimitar Monster (worth 3.50GBP) into all 28mm fantasy orders until 2nd May 2019. Go HERE for the range or read on for more. 

The Ganesha Games range at Alternative Armies contains a hundred different models in 28mm Fantasy and 28mm Science Fiction. If you order one or more of these miniatures we will put DS001 Scimitar Monster (great for encounters) into your package automatically as a gift. It is worth 3.50GBP so this is a great spring offer to welcome May and the sun. We will also give you this creature free if you order any 28mm miniature from our own fantasy ranges such as Crystal Elves, or Dwarven Host or the Goblin and Orc Hordes among many others. You could also have a look at Fantasy Warlord too. Have a browse! 

DS001 Scimitar Monster 
This one piece 28mm scale creature has blades for hands and a vicious bite. It belongs in any dungeon crawl or fantasy game system and will also work across other scales as a giant in 15mm for instance. It stands 32mm to the top of the head. Go HERE

Of Armies and Hordes is an army level wargame using area movement and abstract manoeuvring to simplify play while retaining all the tactical choices and variables required by the genre. The rules are designed for fast, relaxed play among friends, not competitions. Bookkeeping is minimal. A typical large game requires two hours, including setup. Combat is dramatic. Battle-lines clash into each other. Something happens on the table every turn. Troops die quickly. The rules are non-scale specific. You can use any figures in any scale. Use any models you already own, or build dedicated armies. Basing is flexible. Use any system you like. You can even mix basing systems. As long as you can count the units (either the heads of models or the number of stands), you can play. Table size is flexible. As long as you can identify enough areas of the battlefield to provide a good game, you can play on a small kitchen table or on a huge wargaming table. 92 pages and additional material. 

Alternative Armies stocks all manner of miniatures great for (and featuring in) the new 'Of Armies and Hordes' game system by Andrea Sfiligoi but we do NOT stock the game book itself. You can find it HERE on Gumroad as a paid for download and it is a great read indeed. It plays well. 

Thanks for Reading! 


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