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Wednesday, 7 August 2019

Classic Asgard 25mm miniatures return with Orts and Weapons Set

It is with great pride that Alternative Armies presents to you the first of several re-releases of classic 1980's science fiction miniatures in 25mm scale by Asgard Miniatures. Working alongside wargaming veteran Mark Stevenson who runs the Asgard Miniatures group on Facebook (check it out and join HERE) and who is an avid historian and collector of Asgard we present five codes.  Mark was lucky enough to be able to speak to the sculptor of the 'Orts' Mr Rick Priestley recently and here is what he had to say.

"Some of Rick Priestley's earliest production sculpts for Asgard Miniatures, the 'Inscrutible Orts' were bipedal human size aliens with heads resembling the body of  an octopus. They were originally designed for use with the classic game 'Laserburn' and, later, Combat 3000/3001. Foes of the Asgard Space Marines they were frequently allies of the Trimotes and Mandiblex."

You can see what we have thus far on the Asgard 25mm Science Fiction page and we also have the 15mm scale Asgard as well on the website if you like them smaller.  Here are the codes and their details:

SF3 Weapons Set 2019
This metal 25mm scale code contains a variety of weapons and equipment which are ideally suited not only to the Asgard science fiction range but also to many other ranges too.  Add them to the miniatures or make conversions or scenic items with them.  Note that this is the '2019' version which were sculpted by Sam Croes due to a total lack of mold stock to re-release.  They are new designs done as close to the style of the original 1980's as possible.  Choose from a set with a small saving or use the on screen choices to select parts of the code in any amount.  Use the image provided as a guide by item code. These are as follows: SF3A Displacer Cannon, SF3C Sonic Pistol, SF3D Disintegrator Gun, SF3E Projector Unit, SF3F Power Pack, SF3G Vortex Grenade, SF3H Hunting Blaster, SF3K Assault Laser, SF3L Heavy Laser Cannon and SF3N Heavy Weapon Pedestal (2 pieces) (fits SF3A,K,L).

SF20 Ort with Sonic Gun
SF20A Ort with Assault Laser
SF21 Ort with Sonic Amplifier
SF22 Cyborg Ort of the Sacred Claw

Go HERE for these miniatures.  Images are from the collection of Mark Stevenson and each Ort is 30mm tall to the top of their heads meaning they work well in 28mm scale too.  Supplied Unpainted and without Bases. Get yourself a piece of British wargaming history now brought back to the world!

These are our only Asgard releases for this month but we will return with more after that so keep your peepers peeled.

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