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Thursday, 1 August 2019

Known Space 2250 a free campaign setting for USEME by Vic Dobson

Welcome to August!  Alternative Armies punts into the new month with a treat for USEME fans.  Following up on the free 'Dropped from Orbit' article we present an entire campaign setting written by veteran player Vic Dobson who has already brought you many other free scenarios and more.  Read on for details or go HERE for the game system page or HERE for our expansive Free Downloads page.

Known Space 2250 Setting for USE ME 15mm Science Fiction and USEME Starship Battles
Created by Vic Dobson as a background setting for a series of scenarios he's written for UM001 15mm Sci-Fi and UM006 Starship Battles, this futuristic setting covers a wide variety of race ideas for both humans and aliens all inspired by the Alternative Armies (and others) ranges of miniatures. Inside you will find such alien races as the tradition obsessed Vergan Empire, the warlike Octopod Combine, and the tragic ancient Zidhe.  Alongside these (and other) alien races there are numerous human states, such as the Federal Systems Republic, the Core Systems Corporation, the Concorde of Charlemagne, and the Star Kingdom of Nova Albion. The setting includes the Setting Map, Setting Time line, the Setting itself plus Campaign Rules and a Special Actions Reference sheet used in the setting.  Download from our online storage by CLICKING HERE.

If you are keen on the two USEME books spoken of for this setting then you can get them on the USEME Series page of the website in print and as digital downloads at twenty percent less (just as with all our Digital Download titles).  Full details on the contents and rules for each are on their pages.

Vic speaks about the Vergan Empire and you can find these blobby aliens in the SHM Range as codes SHM20, 54, 55, 56 and 57.

Lots more to come in August so enjoy this great free folder of files and keep your peepers peeled!

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  1. Another entry on my already extensive list of things to buy, sigh 😁.
    These blobs are great!

    1. Thank you. Vic has given something great for free. Enjoy the download. There is a lot of fun to be had.