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Thursday, 22 August 2019

Worldwide Shipping just 2GBP (2.4USD) until 1st September 2019

Summer time is nearing its end and Alternative Armies has a great offer to get you into the new campaign season. Until 1st September 2019 our standard shipping worldwide (Royal Mail in the UK and airmail everywhere else) is just 2.00GBP on all orders. This offer runs until the red banner vanishes on our website. As usual at 80.00GBP free shipping kicks in automatically and as always if you want 'tracked' shipping select that during checkout at regular price. This is an ideal time to get that miniature or book or bases or anything else you have been looking at on our website for a small order. You need do nothing but add to cart. Check out our NEW RELEASES page, currently 15% off all GANESHA FANTASY miniatures and our OFFERS page too. 

Get yourself a wee order to kick off the campaign season. 

Our website is large and to make it easier to navigate we have a simple list of all the ranges for you to see on our BLOG. Click through and find what interests you as a listing. We have made all of our releases for this month so what you see on the site now is all there will be until September. We have some offers added during this event for existing codes which have been newly re-molded. We have taken 10% off their regular price until end of this event. 

HOT33 Chimera 
This 15mm scale metal monster gives you a fearsome creature for your army. Go HERE

VNT5 Tree Demon 
A 28mm scale creature ideal for your fantasy games. Go HERE

SHM Helmith and Lesser Shuggoth 
Eldritch in 15mm (but suitable for 28mm and 6mm too) two bizarre creations. The Helmith HERE and the Lesser Shuggoth HERE

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