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Thursday, 12 September 2019

Contender GNATS Mech 100mm tall released and new Meerkat Spotter Suit!

Alternative Armies is joining the ranks of the giants with two new releases into the HOF 15mm Science Fiction range this month.  Our first big mech (we call them GNATS) and a specialised battlesuit whose role is to find targets for it.  Go HERE for the range or read on for details.

Security Force Alpha just got a major upgunning! As if more than a platoon of infantry poses plus specialised troops, battlesuits, bikes, portable weapons, light and medium vehicles plus drop pods and drop coffin were not enough now the GNATS are here.

HOF131 Contender GNATS Mech
This 15mm scale high quality resin kit contains all the pieces needed to assemble the Contender GNATS.  Standing at 100mm tall when assembled the Contender has eleven pieces which create a durable model made for use on your gaming table.  GNATS stands for 'Giant Neuro Assist Titanic Soldiers' and they are the ultimate weapon of battle.  The model is easy to assemble.  It is supplied unpainted and unassembled without a base (base shown is a 59527 75mm Round).  Refer to the parts image to see what is included.  Other miniatures from the HOF range are shown for scale only (SFA Trooper is 16mm tall).  The Contender is armed with a twin barrel 90mm automatic cannon with ammo hopper plus an under arm 130mm howitzer and a top hull turret seven slot missile pod.  It also has a number of point defence lasers for small scale anti-infantry and material tasks both front and rear. It has rocket pods fitted to its rear to allow easy balance and stance regaining.  Contenders are front line units in the USGC (United States GNATS Core). It is a tier two GNATS meaning it is a main battle size machine. It is 2090 and the world is at war! Go HERE.

HOF140 Meerkat Spotter Suit
This 15mm scale battlesuit kit contains all of the pieces needed to assemble the specialist Meerkat Spotter Suit.  Standing 30mm tall when assembled the Meerkat has seven pieces.  A distant relative of the BearCat Battlesuit this model is easy to assemble.  It is supplied unassembled and unpainted without a base (base shown is a 59025 30mm Round).  Refer to the parts image to see what is included.  Other miniatures shown are for scale only.  The Meerkat is armed with a rotary gatling and a three round striker missile pod.  Its primary mission is to use its powerful comms array with its two aerials to seek out enemy strong points and to relay that information to heavier units.  Often paired with GNATS the Meerkat can be a valuable ally in the field.  Go HERE.  

There will be more information on GNATS as well as the near future world of the 2080's in which these giants of war face their foes.  In the meantime if you have questions please do ask us on These are all of our 15mm releases for the month of September and thank you for your custom.


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