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Friday, 27 September 2019

Sengoku Monster Hunter expansion Rampage now released in print and as digital download

Written by Steve Danes and with artwork from Sam Croes and John Bell the expansion title to Sengoku Monster Hunter is now shipping worldwide in print after its pre-order offer and we are delighted now to release the book as a paid digital download too. The digital download version of this title is twenty percent less in price than in print as with our other digital books.  Go HERE for all our digital titles.

If you are not familiar with Sengoku Monster Hunter then you can read all about it on our website HERE.  It is a tabletop game in 15mm scale for one to four players where you take the part of a Hunter and seek out Japanese Mythological creatures who are terrorising the countryside.  The very nature of the game makes every play of it different and it has a loyal following.  The Sengoku 15mm Japanese Fantasy miniature range sculpted by John Bell has over one hundred and thirty different miniatures and its growing.  So what can you expect to find in the fifty two pages of Rampage?  Here is a run down with a couple of page images.  Go HERE to see those and more pages larger.

Rampage is the second book in the Sengoku Monster Hunter series; the game set in a mythical Japanese past of fierce monsters and even fiercer monster hunters. This is a supplement to the original rules and it provides much more material for playing Sengoku Monster Hunter. Players will need to be familiar with the original rules and will of course need the first book to be able to make use of Rampage.

More Monsters More Encounters
This includes a whole new batch of monsters such Rokurokubi, Tsurube-Otoshi, Nurikabe, Snakemen and more. There are also a whole new set of profiles for the various demons and devils that can be encountered, obviously all more powerful than those previously described - but with greater risks comes greater rewards! Also included are a new set of encounters that can be played out during the hunt such as the Soba Shop, Mile Markers, Police, Komuso Monks and many others. These new encounters will provide an interesting array of new challenges, distractions and even some benefits to the hunters on their expeditions.

New Hunters
As well as new monsters and new encounters, these rules contain new hunter types including the shape shifting Yokai and the dreaded Water Shadow Clan. Players who are familiar with the game and have their own favourite hunters can try their luck with these new characters and the new skills and abilities that they bring. This book also includes five new named characters, legendary hunters of old who continue to inspire new generations of hunters. Players can take these characters from their humble origins and turn them into the heroic hunters that they became.

New Hunting Grounds
These rules provide extensive details about a new hunting ground that players can try out - the dreaded wave washed caves of the Underworld. In this gloomy underground realm, not only are the hunters at risk from the hostile denizens of the caves but there is the dark and dangerous environment of the caves themselves with the ever present risk of rock falls, floods and the other more sinister consequences of the little understood Ghost Light. Only the bravest hunters will try out this new and hostile environment.

Monster Rampage!
Contained within these rules is a new way to play Sengoku. This is still a solo game but as the heading suggests, now the hunters face a different challenge, now there are more monsters, now it is the monsters that are on the attack. To coin a phrase - “now the hunters become the hunted”. Players may wish to ignore this section because it contains information that will put their cherished hunters at severe risk. In a Monster Rampage, hordes of monsters will try and overwhelm the stealthy hunter and exact severe and bloody retribution. I won’t be offended if players choose to avoid this section. But if players do take up this challenge they will find six new hunting scenarios plus additional material such as monster spells and all manner of other nastiness. You have been warned…

Gashadokuro giant skeleton of the dead in Sengoku Monster Hunter
This one page free article which adds to Rampage gives you the rules in play to field the biggest monster thus far in the game.  It includes monster tokens to add to your collection.  Download it from our website storage by CLICKING HERE.

Free Simple 20mm Grids for Sengoku Rampage
In your games of Sengoku Monster Hunter Rampage you can choose to fight in the Underground with all the hazards that presents.  You can use any squared grids or tiles in your collection but we are happy to present to you a free article containing simple grids of all the types of chambers and caverns you can expect in play. These simple 20mm grids work with the 15mm miniatures and can be reproduced as many times as you wish.  Download this article from our website storage by CLICKING HERE.

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