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Monday, 5 February 2018

Alternative Armies Tabletop Gaming Facebook Group Random Draw Feb 18

In celebration the friendly group for Alternative Armies and The Ion Age is having a random prize draw which is open to all group members. All you need to do is comment on the pinned post at the top of the Alternative Armies Tabletop Gaming FB Group by saying 'Hello' or 'AA' or 'Ion Age' or 'Flintloque', any word will do. Your comment will then have a number assigned to it by us which will give its position from the first comment onwards and a number in the random draw.

The post will remain live until Friday 9th February at 7pm GMT then, using a random number generator with a short video showing it, we will get our winner. I will then announce the winner on the group and they will have their choice of 40.00GBP or so of our products from either website for FREE shipped anywhere in the world from here in Scotland. Any miniatures, books, downloads etc from either website. Excellent and a genuine offer with no catch aside from having to join a frankly super gaming group.

So get into the group, see the pinned post and then comment to get your number. ONE COMMENT EACH ONLY! (multiple entries from an account will be removed and not count). Thanks and may the most random of you win! 

My thanks to resident Valon artist Edward Jackson for the superb drawing of a Wraith on Fell Beast which will feature with much else in upcoming Flintloque and other Valon books.


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