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Monday, 12 February 2018

Klorzid toothy plants 28mm and 15mm compatible released for Valentines week

What do you mean your bouquet of roses bit you my love?  
Why is this plant screaming 'feed me Seymour'?  

Now released this Valentines week we are delighted to present from Grinning Skull miniatures the latest madness from Will Grundy.  Klorzids!  If you want killer plants for your gaming in any scale, such as 28mm or 15mm, then these six as a pack or as singles are for you.  You save 10% on the pack over the singles. Hugs from Alternative Armies!  Go HERE or read on for information and for a free USEME scenario called 'Rose and Thorn' which sees the Klorzids facing off against Security Force Alpha in 15mm scale.

These miniatures are cool for Post Apocalyptic, Science Fiction, Modern or many other horror type game systems.

GRNP09 Klorzid Plant Squad
Klorzids are sentient vicious plants which are great in any game system any scale where green things bite back. This pack gathers together single codes GRN66 to GRN71 for a total of six white metal miniatures of six different poses. Standing 7mm to 25mm tall they have teeth and they have rose weapons too. This code is supplied without bases and unpainted.  You have the option of purchasing one pack (saving on singles) or purchasing three packs at an additional 10% discount applied over this or purchase single poses.  You can select your option on the page. 8.00GBP. Go HERE. Here are the single codes:

GRN66 Klorzid New Seedling in Pot         0.50GBP
GRN67 Klorzid Sapling with Flower Staff         1.00GBP
GRN68 Klorzid gaping mouth attacking         1.50GBP
GRN69 Klorzid big teeth with Flower Staff         1.50GBP
GRN70 Klorzid with three heads                 2.50GBP
GRN71 Klorzid wrapped around Flower Staff 2.00GBP

We have a free scenario for USEME 15mm Science Fiction which introduces the Klorzids to the near future universe setting for SFA.  

You will need a copy of UM001 to make use of the scenario.  Rose and Thorn is an urban encounter set on Valentines Day 2041 in Rochester City southern Minnesota where a Bio-Hazard has unleashed killer plants into the restricted park next to the 3rd Avenue bridge next to the Conform Citadel which is the city headquarters of Security Force Alpha (SFA).  Will the outbreak be contained or will citizens get mulched if troopers and their armoured back up fail to stop the plants? Click HERE to download the scenario PDF from our website hosting.

Week Long 10% off Entire Collection Offers!
Each Week we make two full collection offers. This Week until midnight GMT Sunday you get ten percent off every code in the Furioso Renaissance Range plus ten percent off all Limited Editions for Flintloque and Slaughterloo.  Excellent!

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