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Thursday, 15 February 2018

Two Free USEME scenario and mini-game to download by Vic Dobson

Vic Dobson hits another home run with two more free resources for players of USEME with his scenario 21 and 22 the links for which are in this article.  Puff the Magic Dragon sees a modern warfare game with a super heavy tank returning to the front lines while The Boojum and The Snark is a mini-game of nasty creatures sneaking up on your miniatures in the swamp; great fun.  If you want to find out more about USEME as well as UM001 15mm Science Fiction and UM004 Modern Warfare the sets used for these scenarios then go HERE.

Here are the details of each free download!

Puff the Magic Dragon – Scenario 21.
A neo-soviet super heavy tank is making its way back towards the front line through a small village when it and its protecting squad of infantry are ambushed by a force of Insurgents bent upon destroying the tank.  This scenario features hidden set up for the Insurgents within a number of buildings on the table.  Download the scenario by CLICKING HERE.

UM004 USEME Modern Warfare
Author of the fantastic adaptation of USE ME for the UM003 World War Two rules O.G.Joel has done it again with a set of rules that is intended for ultra-modern games set in the first decades of the 21st century, from Afghanistan to Iraq to Lebanon to Southern Ossetia and beyond. In writing it, it is envisioning combat in today's turbulent world, with high tech equipped units fighting each other or skirmishing with lightly-armed insurgents. This is a world of helicopters and assault rifles, night-vision devices and satellite uplinks, special-forces units and sophisticated terrorists. Many battles await from a few characters a side to whole squads upwards to a major battle.  Digital Download HERE.

The Boojum and The Snark – Scenario 22 (Mini Game).
A multi-player game of USE ME 15mm Sci-Fi. In this game the proprietor of 'Stinky Bobs Bait Shack & Sushi Bar' has organized a hunting competition, the winner of which will get a years worth of cheap watery beer without extra added water … all they have to do is bring back a trophy from the rare and elusive Boojum that lives in the fetid Okelly Dokelly Sewage Marshes next to his establishment … whilst avoiding being head-butted ortrampled by the Bok-Wango! beasts … poisoned by the Lurid Lurgy Beetle … or eaten by the fearsome Snark …  A mini-game for one to several players with rules for creature location and discovery.  Great fun.  Download by CLICKING HERE.

UM001 USEME 15mm Science Fiction
I would like to tell you all something of the origins of what became the USE ME system for miniature wargaming; it will give you an insight into why we decided to publish the system for others to make use of as well as for our own use. In 2009 the lads at Alternative Armies decided to play some 15mm games (sci-fi, fantasy and some renaissance scenarios too) to get us used to and into the whole scale and feel of 15mm miniatures. We did not have any rule systems of our own to use for this scale or settings and though we looked at some of the other systems out there, with a view of getting one or two in to try, we decided in the end not to. Not because we only wanted to play our own rules, far from it. I had played over thirty different games that I had no hand in designing. Rather it was due to the fact that we were all knackered (read this as 'beat' if you are American!) and we wanted something easy, something super fast, something generic and something that we could learn in five minutes and get a game in when we had twenty minutes spare. Oh and some of us wanted a system that was open enough for our children or total new comers to the hobby to be able get into and not be scared off by. I drafted up the original concepts and soon we were lasering, lightening bolting and glorifying ourselves with a lot of satisfaction. Over time this original draft was tinkered with and other variants produced for other settings and scales until back in May 2010 it was suggested to me that we might want to let others in on this 'secret' engine that our own lads were using for just about anything that wasn't Flintloque or The Ion Age. I agreed and here we are.  (Gavin Syme GBS).  Digital Download HERE.

Thanks for Reading and enjoy the scenarios.



  1. Love the idea behind these rules.

    1. Thank you. There will be more USEME and Resources in two weeks time.