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Monday, 19 February 2018

Next Furioso Book coming in March plus Dutch Starter Army released!

There will be a second book, a supplement, for Furioso titled 'The Italian Wars' released by Alternative Armies in March 2018! Written by Steve Danes it slots right in after the rule book giving a lot more to expand the sixteenth century historical wargame. Like the rulebook it will be fifty two pages and available in print and as a digital download too. Mercenaries, Generals as well as actual historical battle Scenarios are in the new book plus Blessings and Divine Interventions too. Two big features of the new book are the Solo Play rules and the Wondrous Inventions. Want to go to war in Italy in the 1500's? Then this will be for you. Want to field Da Vinci's Tank in an alternate reality? You will be able to. 

The book is being finalised and printed in the next week or so and will be released in both formats in early March. We will give full details at that time including contents and views from the author. It will be HERE on our website. Today though we are pleased to release the third of our 15mm scale starter armies for Furioso and this time it is a Dutch Army of 250 Points of the Dutch Wars. It comes with all the element bases you need and they are included free to boot. 

FURA03 Dutch Army of the Dutch Wars (250 Point Starter Army) 
This pre-made army for use with Furioso contains all you need to field a two hundred and fifty point starter army for the Dutch during the Dutch Wars of the 16th century. Supplied with 184 pieces in 15mm scale white metal consisting of infantry, cavalry and artillery there is also an included army list for assembly. 

Also included are 45 Element Bases (40mm by 30mm and 40mm by 20mm) for the army worth over 12GBP for free! All the included miniatures are from the Altuos 15mm range. Total value 75.30GBP. Price 62.90GBP. You can also get this army pro-painted and based ready for immediate use. Go HERE

There are other 250 Point Starter Armies for Furioso (French and Italian with free bases) as well as a mega bundle with two armies and the rule book included free. There is also the Furioso book (print and digital download, packs of Furioso Element Bases and the entire 15mm Renaissance Range of miniatures which includes a Da Vinci Tank as well as over two hundred figure codes. See them all HERE

We also have free files for Furioso such as a Quick Reference Sheet and a Starter Scenario written by Steve Danes the author which you can download by clicking on the links on the website page HERE

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