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Thursday, 13 June 2019

Build a Bear Cat – 15mm Battlesuit Parts selector released in the HOF Range!

“Sometimes you want to Build a Bear.  But when the enemy comes into view you want to build a Bear Cat!”

It is my pleasure to announce the release of a special new code in the HOF Range at the request of the mighty player base of 15mm Science Fiction wargaming around the world. We have five different variants of the Bear Cat Battlesuit and now all the parts used in them can be had as single pieces in one place meaning you can assemble any suit you like.  Go HERE or read on for more.

HOF121X Build a Bear Cat Battlesuit parts selector
This special code gives you the ability to purchase any parts from our range of Bear Cat Battlesuits (all from code HOF121) to create your own battlesuit.  All the parts can be had in any amount using the menu on the page.  White metal and grey tone resin 15mm scale.  Keep in mind that you will need a body and legs to begin with (unless you are adding to your bits box) and that there is a left and right arm.  Also that some weapons are meant for the top mount and some for the arms.  Here is the list of choices each with a number making it easier to identify.

1. Bear Cat Upper Body
2. Bear Cat Legs
3. Closed Claw Left Arm
4. Open Claw Right Arm
5. Heavy Shield Left Arm
6. Heavy Flamer Right Arm
7. Fist Left Arm
8. Open Socket Right Arm
9. Chainsaw (fits part 8)
10. Drill Bit (fits part 8)
11. Double Gatling (fits part 8)
12. Heavy Railgun (fits part 8)
13. Missile Pod (fits part 1)
14. Comms Dish (fits part 1)
15. Heavy Lamp (fits part 1)
16. Light Bar
17. Fuel Tank
18. Machine Gun (fits part 1)
19. Rotary Gun (fits part 1)
20. Grenade Launcher (fits part 1)

Go HERE.  Every part is priced fairly and as part of a completed Bear Cat.

The HOF Range contains more than one hundred and forty different packs.  This includes Security Force Alpha with its array of infantry, bikes, battlesuits, portable weapons and vehicles.  There is also the Grey Aliens, the Rim Mercenaries, the Zidhe space elves, the Octopods, Human Cultists, Corporate Ashigaru, Automata Robots, Post Apocalyptic Warriors plus civilians and many special packs like Starship Crew and Refugees.  Well worth a browse and excellent for any 15mm science fiction, near future, space opera game system or setting.

We will have further releases later in June 2019 in the HOF Range but more on this at the time.

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