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Tuesday, 25 June 2019

New HOF 15mm Cultists, Rim Mercs, Octopods, Bodybags and Scatter Scenics

It is a bumper set of new releases and more into the HOF 15mm Science Fiction range at Alternative Armies to end the month. Go to the range or read on for more. Seven new codes across Octopods, Rim Mercenaries, Cultists as well as scenics. 

The HOF range is huge and diverse with humans, aliens, robots, vehicles and much more suitable for any setting or game system. You can spend quite a while browsing and digging. As well as that you can get packs or choose poses from the packs. We have also added new larger images of all the existing codes for the Octopods, the Rim Mercenaries and Cultists. Here are the details of the new. 

We have three value pack platoons which gather together all the infantry and small vehicle codes for a force from its pack codes and gives you one of each pose with a ten percent saving. A massive sampler if you will for skirmishing. Each is a different price since the contents are different. We have HOFP02 Octopod Platoon for tentacle sporting aliens. We have HOFP03 Rim Mercenary Platoon for your paid soldiers. We have the HOFP04 Cultist Mob for your fanatic warriors. These go alongside other value packs in the range such as HOF51 Grey Alien Landing Party and the mighty HOFA01 Security Force Alpha core army

Not every actor on the battlefield is a soldier or civilian there are others... Two new packs give you body bags for the dead and also scatter scenics of boxes and cans which are very useful. Have a look at HOF128 Body Bags which has 15 pieces in it for a great price. Also HOF129 Cans and Boxes Scatter Scenics which is three different pieces with ten in the pack with a 10% saving. Excellent! 

Bring out the dead of the future battlefield! We have three new packs in high quality grey tone resin giving you ten in two different poses of HOF125 Octopod Casualties and HOF126 Rim Merc Casualties plus HOF127 Cultist Casualties. These are at half the price of a normal HOF pack as we do with all resin casualties. An asked for addition from wargamers. 

All of the new packs were sculpted by Elton Waters and painted by the Alternative Armies studio. 

HOF Fire-Team is an original dynamic tactical game with a setting from ultra modern to the far future. Fire Team pits squads of soldiers, guerrillas, police, and thieves or just about anyone else with a grudge against one another. Use miniatures from your existing collection, on single bases, or add any new ones of your choice. Players command a number of Teams. These being Fire Teams, Support Teams, Command Teams and trusting to sound small unit tactics and the luck of the dice they attempt to carry out their mission objectives. Go HERE for the book and tiles of this gridded game by Bob Minadeo as a paid for digital download. Features three different background settings. 

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