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Tuesday, 13 July 2021

CA2 Halfling Walking Party 28mm returns

Now in new molds our great high fantasy set and singles for those wanting to walk into adventure.  Great for any system.  See our full array of 28mm scale Adventurers and Wizards on the website HERE.

"Will you go down to the woods today? You better take some supplies. Why? Well the woods can be a dangerous place but not for all those who travel through them when you bump into a party of Halflings out for a walk. Share your bread and cheese with them and your bottled ale too. Why? It will be best for you and they will reward you with tall tales and with song and dance too. But come without your supplies and those same Halflings will dance a merry dance with their hard soled feet upon your own and all week long you will hobble not walk!"

CA2 Halfling Walking Party: This pack contains six different metal miniatures of approx 20mm height each. These are barefoot in cloak with Staff, barefoot walking with Backpack. Female Halfling barefoot walking with Staff. Halfling barefoot with Sword and Bow. Female Halfling barefoot in armour with Bow and Halfling barefoot Wizard with Crystal Ball and Wand. You can choose the pack or any poses from it on the page. Go HERE.

There is a lot to our fantasy ranges and topping each of the arrays is the 'multitude' a value set containing a whole load of miniatures with a built in saving too.  We have these for our Knights, for our Dwarfs (also the great offer with free Dwarf Runic Golem included), for our Orcs and Goblins, for the Crystal Elves and for the Undead too.  A superb way to one click your way to skirmishing as there is only one of each pose in the multitude.  

This is all of our news for high fantasy in this scale for July 2021.  Thanks for Reading!


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