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Monday, 12 July 2021

Phree added to the 28mm Frontear black powder fantasy range

It is our great delight to announce the release of more miniatures sculpted by John Bell (creator of the Sengoku 15mm Japanese Fantasy range) into the Frontear game system.  Following up on the Logann Braves and the mighty Wendigo these tall 28mm scale birdmen fit right into the game and any other suitable wargame too. See the whole range HERE including the book as a digital download plus Orc Gunfighters, Civile Warre Soldiers, Frontear's Orcs and Dark Elf Banditos too.

"Elsewhere in North Amerka, different Tribes reacted in a far more hostile manner to the Uropeans’ arrival. Word filtered through to the Uropeans settling the west coast of a different race inhabiting the continent’s arid south, and the Great Plains further east. An Avian race called the Phree made their home here; hunter gatherers who followed the vast herds of buffalo that migrated across these vast, fertile plains.

These fiercely territorial people had not taken kindly to the Catalucians encroachment on their ancestral hunting grounds. Their Shaman had experienced a profound loss of power, but most infuriating of all to the wandering Phree was the fact that they could no longer fly as they once had. A whole generation had been set-a-foot, never they believed to experience the wonders and freedom of flight again.

The eagle like Phree could have become demoralised like the Macaw, or suspicious and withdrawn like the Logann; instead, they became hostile and the Catalucians paid in blood for every mile they travelled North in their pursuit of gold. Out numbered and outgunned, the Phree nevertheless knew the country like the back of their wings and that, coupled with their native courage and ferocity, made them an adversary to be feared." - From 7000 Frontear.

Each of the three new packs of four can be had as a pack or as a single miniature.  A Phree stands about 35mm from sole of foot to beak and they are armed with a mix of bows, clubs, spears, tomahawk and small shields.  Sculpted by John Bell. Sadly we were unable to get a set of these miniatures painted before release but we hope these sharp images of the metal will serve the purpose.

There is a lot in the Frontear range which is part of the World of Valon, setting for Flintloque, such as the Wendigo you can see here.  In the game book you can choose to fight in the Greate Rebellion which sees Amerka break away from Greate Britorcn or you can have scenarios with Davvie Crockorc at the Alamoque, perhaps go with the North or South in the Amerkan Civile Warre or take up six shooters in the Wylde West.  Go HERE.

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