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Thursday, 22 July 2021

Run while the Pub is Closed free solo play Flintloque Scenario

I know it has been while since the last free content to play Flintloque.  I hope this solo play scenario set in the Bier War is fun for you all.  Go HERE for the massive amount of free files on our website for all game systems.

With a winnowing crack the musket ball blew chips of stone from the edge of the swall.  Soldaten Bruste pulled his head back rapidly and then tentatively removed the small stone pieces from his braided beard.  “Ze Rottes are closing in sir.  Your orders?”

Captain Krass considered his response.  All around him the blue coated soldiers under his command were busy reloading their muskets looking around for enemies.  His sergeant was at the very solid looking door of this huge building his axe in both hands. Krass briefly wondered what had possessed the Dwarves of Fassbier to construct such a mighty public house on the outskirts of their town.  He was thankful they had.  It would be a fantastic strong point and they needed that right now. “My order are such.  Sergeant Luncke get that door staved in so that we may enter.” 

Run while the Pub is Closed:  A free solo play three page Flintloque scenario set in the Bier War.  Can your skirmishers reach a safe place before a larger force of infantry and cavalry overwhelm them?  CLICK HERE to download the PDF from our website storage.  Enjoy!

You can visit the Confederation of the Finklestein page or the Von Rotte Legion page on the website to see the miniatures.

This is our last new content for the month.  We do have a couple of announcements to come and a free article too before the end of July.

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